Ralph Damiano
Role Developer of Stick Nodes
Location Connecticut, USA
Birthday February 3, 1991
Twitter FTLRalph
Youtube FTLRalph
Other Websites My portfolio, My dev-blog
Favorite color What am I, a child?
Favorite number 2147483647
Favorite animated show Dragon Ball series for sure, but the Avatar series (ATLA and Korra) round out the top 3.
Favorite non-animated show Probably Game of Thrones, Modern Family is really great too. House gets an honorable mention.
Favorite movie Not much of a movie person, idk.
Favorite video game Probably Battlefield 4 since that’s all I play, but in terms of nostalgia there’s Tomba 1 and 2, Spyro, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter among others.
Favorite food I don’t know, tacos? They’re good. Mini hotdogs are pretty good too. Oh, and sign me up for boneless buffalo wings any day.
Ralph started making Stick Nodes one day because he was bored. He grew up practically addicted to a stickfigure-animation program called Pivot which sparked his interest in both animation and game development.

Eventually he got into Flash animation and Flash game development. He released quite a few games into the Flash gaming community, check out his portfolio for links.

Once mobile devices started taking over, he moved over to attempt Android games. After a few failed attempts, he released Plunder Peril – a quick 2-3 week project that was meant as Android-development practice.

After Plunder Peril, Ralph began work on Stick Nodes and in August 2014, Stick Nodes was released on Android with the iOS version following in November. Stick Nodes is built in Java with the LibGDX framework and uses RoboVM to port to iOS.

Sean Byrnes
Role Site administrator, comedic relief
Location NSW, Australia
Birthday January 26, 1992
Twitter S_Byrnes
Youtube Sean Byrnes
Other Websites AnimationAlpha, My blog
Favorite color  Yellow.
Favorite number  42
Favorite animated show Family Guy, American Dad and, like Ralph, Dragon Ball.
Favorite non-animated show The Big Bang Theory, Limitless, Criminal Minds & The Flash.
Favorite movie The Bucket List, Zombie Land & The Matrix.
Favorite video game The latest Call of Duty, Project Cars, Battlefield & Assassins Creed.
Favorite food Pancakes, KFC & Marinated Slow Cooked Roast Beef.
Sean is the site administrator and creator of the stickfigure submission system as well as a majority of the DBZ stickfigures. He also has a funny accent.

At around age 12 he discovered Pivot, ended up on Droidz.org looking for stickfigures to use in his animations, got fairly good after about 2 years.

He decided to make a website to host his animations on after having been on the forums for a long time. That’s what got him into webdesign since the first iteration of his website was a terrible looking flash-based thing that at the time he thought was the best thing out.

After a while he realized how stupid it looked and behaved. So he looked into HTML and CSS, got it looking slightly better but it wasn’t until he found WordPress that it started looking decent.

After that he went off the grid for a bit, got his Cert IV in IT and Webdesign, cemented his understanding of the internet protocols.

Lately he’s been helping out around the Stick Nodes community and has been managing Animation Alpha. He’s also been looking into game development and has begun a project that he hopes to finish one day soon, he can’t really reveal anything about it but it’s for mobile devices and will be a 2D sidescroller.


  1. Mini Onehighjump Stories: T-Th-I can’t…Look no title alright?

    So..I was browsing the internet for some memes and quality we are number one memes and I saw this…”We are number one but every time it says one Jontron reacts to anime.” Seems harmless right? No. So until like the second or third “One” I…For the least was…Something…Some emotion… Look I’ll just quote it. “BIG BROTHER I WANT YOU TO GIVE ME YOUR BIG JUICY *Bleep* and Fu***** DRENCH ME WITH YOUR HOT STICKY C** ‘TILL I’M GASPING FOR AIR!”
    It was as painful writing it as reading it.
    If you want I will send a link to the video.
    I’m sorry.
    Bye…Just f*** off.

    • Lmao. Good to see there’s actually people that want the app translated because this is a LOT OF NONSENSE WORK TO GET THIS APP INTERNALIZED AND READY FOR LOCALIZATION.

      • Give files to translate to Berke and I as soon as possible so when you’ll be done with localisation stuff it’ll be ready to update.
        Sticknodes 1.9, the language update
        Now 2 languages available!
        – Turkish
        – French
        … that’s pretty much nothing but still!
        Oh by the way,my portuguese friend is okay with translating, it will make him “pass time”, as he says.

        • That’s good, that will take care of Portuguese which is a big one. I haven’t looked into it yet, but I wonder what the top regions are that use Stick Nodes that can use a translation are.

          I know Portuguese is a big one, especially for South America.

          The only big one left off the top of my head is Spanish.

          Anyway, I’m wondering how words like “FPS”, “tweening”, and maybe others will be translated. What are the French versions of those?

          FPS is obviously an abbreviation of “frames per second”. Tweening is technically just slang for inbetweening that was popularized by Flash.

          • Well ‘frames’ in french is ‘cadres’, but enter “frames per second” in a translator and you get “images par seconde” so maybe IPS?

            “Between”, “inbetweening” and “inbetween” are all translated to “entre” but I’m sure DmLan will have the correct answer.

          • Stop using google translate.
            Fps is indeed ips, but that doesn’t mean that frame is only cadre, it’s also image.
            Let me do my work, don’t worry about that.

          • @Ralph, we mostly use FPS but back in the day we used IPS, and there still are games that says IPS (League if Legends, Half life).

          • Lol @ Sean and Google Translate.

            Alright, so if other games use IPS that seems like that would be the best to use. I’m not sure what you’ll do about “tweening” though lol.

            Anyway, hopefully I’ll things ready for translation soon. Still working on getting the new UI in place (basically redid it all from scratch even though it’s going to look somewhat the same).

          • Tween will mostly be translated as “fluide” which means smooth, i can’t really tell how to translate this, but i’ll stay with fluide. Tweening stands for fluidité, that’s probably the closest french words I know for tweening/tween. Even Google translate can’t help me for this one.

          • Okay, that’s probably okay since “smooth” or “smoothing” is technically what tweening does.

            I was trying to find out if Flash comes in multiple languages, I’d like to see what their translation of “tween” is, will look into it.

            You understand it, that’s why French translation won’t be a problem. But I need to have something to tell someone if, for example, I hire someone to do the Spanish translation or something. Just want everything to be consistent across the languages.

          • Just tell them to consider tweening as smoothing, they’ll understand, I guess.
            I own an old french version of flash, I checked if there was an accurate translation for tween, and they use fluide too, there’s no french for that word unfortunately, but as long as it means the same thing, that’s fine I guess.

          • Okay good, that’s fine, no big deal. I looked into the Flash thing too and couldn’t find any screenshots of different-language versions lol. Surprised you had a version.

            10/10 preparedness

          • I used to make animations with Flash when I was too lazy to animate with Pivot back in the day, I didn’t updated Flash since 2008. I could feel it was old as hell because it took about 15 minutes to start up.

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