Announcing Stick Nodes Desktop!

Edit November 2015 – Okay, so I keep getting asked the same two questions, I’m going to answer them here.

  1. I do not have a release date. As of now, the Desktop version is on the backburner as the app version takes up much of my free time. I do not know when I will resume work on the Deskop version, I hope eventually, but cannot guarantee it.
  2. I do not know if you’ll have to purchase a Pro version, or even if there will be a Pro version, of Stick Nodes Desktop. This will be decided some time after I dedicate time to working on it again.

I appreciate the enthusiasm for the Desktop version, but I’ve been asked those same questions so many times it’s becoming tedious. Hopefully will have news on Stick Nodes Desktop in the future!

What? Did you read that right? Nah, probably didn’t. Go read the title again. Oh wow, maybe you did read it right…

That’s right, Stick Nodes is coming to a PC/Mac near you soon.

Stick Nodes Desktop

This post is just a quick announcement. I’ve been working on this for the past few weeks and finally have the program in a decent-enough state to show it off. The above screenshots are what the program looks like right now. The final product may end up looking slightly or vastly different – who knows?

I’m sure you have some questions, so let me just clear some up now…

Q. When is it going to be released!?

A. I’d be lying directly to your face if I said I even had a clue. Definitely in the range of months. An actual ETA will become clearer over time.


A. I agree.

Q. What features are planned!?

A. I’m not ready to disclose my plans for the program until I have just a little more progress done. I have some really cool ideas to help this stickfigure animation program stand out from the rest, though. I can say that I already have timeline layers implemented – this is a big deal. This will make animating multiple figures incredibly easier (if you’ve used Flash before, I’m attempting to exactly mimic how it does layers/frames).

I can also reveal that I already have dynamic onion skin implemented, as you can see in one of the screenshots above. What this means is that you can set the amount of onion skin layers you want as well as the overall opacity of the onion skin. I’m also attempting to figure out a solution to have onion skin still be useful if you’re using a background made of stickfigures (some of you will know what I’m talking about.)

And yes, tweening will return and will function much the same as it does in the mobile version of Stick Nodes.

Q. Will this be free!?

A. Yes, and no. I haven’t fleshed it out, but I’m expecting to have the program be free with some minor limitations. These limitations will be unlocked in the Pro version. What are the limitations? How much will the Pro version cost? I have no clue yet. This will also become clearer over time.


A. I still agree.

Q. Can I use it on my PC/Mac!?

A. I’m using LibGDX to build Stick Nodes Desktop which makes it very easy to deploy on multiple platforms. So yes, Stick Nodes Desktop will be available on both PC and Mac.

So anyone even looking forward to this?

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Py_i (Desktop)

Stick Nodes desktop would be very beneficial in general. People have been looking for a while for a new animation application that has a simple and easy interface with tweening and such. Pivot is a good animation tool, but the latest versions are blocked by schools and tutorials aren’t really in-depth. There is a user manual but little to no people no about it. Stykz is a good alternative, but it’s very limited and hasn’t been updated since it’s release from what I believe to be 2+ years ago. If StickNodes for PC were released with some of the recent android updates, it could be considered one of the best animation tools for PC. I still don’t know why It’s been 3+ years and still no demo of sorts.


I agree with you! I really hope a pc version is released. And soon!




There was an important question you forgot to answer:
Do u kno de wae?

DaDankSherk83 (God)
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New Year, New Life, New Memes



We are in 2018 >:( Spit ON HIm my bruddas!

Cool Elite Lvl6
эй кто-нибудь залить кислотой

When is this coming on xbox?


it isnt

Con Animations

It should.

Cool Member Lvl2
Ralphs Edit: Im Frightened

it Wont





Cool Member Lvl2
Ralphs Edit: Im Frightened

Make it compatible with Chromebook please

Leland Beltman

hey ralph you may not remember me but i ended up getting rid of the game also to refresh your mind i made the kid flash on stick nodes and made many superheros afterword and i did not like the way they looked and did not know if anyone else liked them either but the reason i got rid of it was cause it was hard to use on the mobile and now i own an hp laptop and i am very excited to make more stickfigures and for a nice little addition my first stickfigure roster will be a bunch of spiders from the spider verse

but i just wanted to say that seeing this brightened my day and is a very big thing that will pull me back into stick nodes

Thank you good sir

your friend Leland

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Oh, fantastic, spiders. Really wanted spiders…

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"My english was died 3 years ago."

İ dont know Ralph but, i remember you.


make a sticknodes for chromebook PLEASE UR tHE BEST IF U DO

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What is Originality?

You do realize this is a three year old post… right?