Here are some screenshots that show off what Stick Nodes is capable of.

Create your own stickfigure animations!

Stick Nodes

Stick Nodes is the simplest, most-powerful stickfigure animation app for your Android device, iPhone, iPod, or iPad!

Submit and download user-created stickfigures!

Stick Nodes

Check out some of the amazing stickfigures others have created and use them in your own animations!

Create anything you can imagine!

Stick Nodes

Create any stickfigure that you can think of to use in your animations or to share with others.

Plus so much more!

Stick Nodes

Includes animation tweening, image backgrounds, textfields, a moveable camera (v-cam), and sound effects!


  1. When you sent so many node submissions, but ralph only accepts the knight. *Sad earrape violin music starts playing, while the screen fades black and white with a dramatic zoom in on this comment.*
    (Also how do you get these thingys under your name like ralph has? Y’know, the “i med stecknds sowweh”)

  2. ralph,
    please make some new sounds like from games(minecraft)if
    you could it would be great!:)
    btw this is a great app for animating thanks for being in the world! I love to animate on this and its really easy!THanks a lot.

    • Not impossible, all that would do is slow the fps though, that’s not necessarily the only criteria for slow motion, it would also require lots of small movements in those frames otherwise it looks more like choppy animation rather than slow motion.


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