Here are some screenshots that show off what Stick Nodes is capable of.

Create your own stickfigure animations!

Stick Nodes

Stick Nodes is the simplest, most-powerful stickfigure animation app for your Android device, iPhone, iPod, or iPad!

Submit and download user-created stickfigures!

Stick Nodes

Check out some of the amazing stickfigures others have created and use them in your own animations!

Create anything you can imagine!

Stick Nodes

Create any stickfigure that you can think of to use in your animations or to share with others.

Plus so much more!

Stick Nodes

Includes animation tweening, image backgrounds, textfields, a moveable camera (v-cam), and sound effects!


  1. I’ve found a weird glitch… I’m using the stick figure “the-raging-bull.nodes” but when I make the animation starts, the stick figure flips itself for a frame. It does this every time

  2. Please add my stickfigures here! My old name is David09, now its xxxDAVID09xxx, im not copying someone’s stickfigure, its my stickfigure that is called David09, and why did you called me multicolored dinosaur?!
    Please reply


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