New Version (2.1.0 – 2.1.1) – Magnifier Update

Edit: And 2.1.0 is now the shortest-ever update to Stick Nodes… Thanks to the quick bug-finding by Heckray, some critical bugs were fixed with the 2.1.1. update. A bug involving disabling the save reminder and a bug when using fullscreen. However, there may be a bug that involves difficulty selecting nodes when using the magnifier. If you run into this, please report it down in the comments as it appears tricky to make occur.

It’s that time of the month! New update.

This one has a few new features that I think everyone will enjoy. See the changelog below.

Version 2.1.0 – 2.1.1 (For Android)

  • New magnifier (look under “Project Tools”). This will make it easier to grab nodes!
  • You can now play your animations in fullscreen (Pro only).
  • Easier to send files to someone, look under “App Tools” for the “Send files” button!
  • Save reminder, the app reminds you to save every 5 minutes. You can change this in “App settings”.
  • Knob buttons for angles are easier to use, and show rotation in real-time.
  • Many other small additions and fixes.

This update is currently only out for Android users (yes, again, come at me). The iOS update is waiting on some fixes I need to implement, but will be out soon.

Stick Nodes Magnifier

The new magnifier (found under “Project Tools”) is a very exciting new feature. The biggest complaint about Stick Nodes is how difficult it is to grab nodes, which is understandable.

What the magnifier does, is allow you to zoom in real close in a small window to select nodes, but stay at a comfortable zoom on the main stage to be able to properly move and animate your characters. You can see an example of this in the GIF above.

Another useful feature is the “Send files” button located under “App Tools” – which does what you would expect. This should make it simpler and easier to send projects/stickfigures/sounds to other users, maybe for collabs or joints.

Fullscreen playing will play your animation while filling the whole screen. In a pinch, this can be used if you want to screen-record if you experience delays/problems when exporting normally.

The save reminder is about as close to auto-saving as the app may get (saving takes time, as I’m sure many of you are aware). Since I don’t want to have the app keep interrupting you to save for 1-2 minutes, I figure this is a good solution. A prompt will remind you ever X minutes (you can set how long) that you haven’t saved.

The knob buttons should be easier to use, and rotating stickfigures/limbs shows in real-time.

And besides some other small changes, that’s about it.

Cool right?

Please say right.

The Stick Nodes Community – Get Your Fresh, Hot Accounts Here

Edit July 12 – You can now manually add your own caption (what appears under your comments on the main website). After logging in, go to “Your Profile” > “Edit” and fill in the “Comment Caption” field.

So today I am unveiling something that has been in the works here for about a month now. The Stick Nodes Community, aka MyNodes™ (branded by DmLan).

Stick Nodes CommunityI believe it will lead to much better community interaction and lols. It offers you guys a lot more fun from the website, so to get started:

  1. Register here, choose your username/password.
  2. Activate you account through your email.
  3. Log in here.
  4. Have good times here.

So what can you do with an account? Well there are a few perks.

1. You’ll use the same account to comment here!

So you won’t need to fill in your name/email when you comment on posts or pages here on the main section of the website.

Oh, and you can change/crop your profile photo too (no more Gravatar, unless you don’t have an account here, then Gravatar is still used).

2. You get your own profile page and can add friends!

You’ll have your own page on the website. Mine is located here and Sean’s is here. As you can see it’s a simple URL of[username].

On your profile will be all of your social media links, your custom bio, and all of your activity. Think of it like Facebook and their wall, you can ask questions, post your animations, or even post DANK MEMES!

Adding friends also allows for easier interaction for those you want to keep updated with.

You’ll also be emailed when you have new interactions!

3. You can embed Youtube videos / images in community posts!

Just post a Youtube link or an image link on a newline when writing a new activity post, it will be embedded and easily visible by others.

4. You can create your own Groups!

So here is a list of the current Groups. As of this writing there are only two (#TeamRalph and #TeamSean, feel free to join the correct one >_>).

You can create your own Groups, write a description for it, upload a Group profile picture, and then manage the users. I foresee this as being useful when working on joints, starting a collab, RHG battles, clans, etc… Groups can be public/private, so if you want it to be members-eyes-only, it’s as easy as pressing a button.

Overall that’s the basic idea.

I’m going to be keeping an eye on things and improving/changing as I see fit to make this a nice addition to the website. I’m open to suggestions as well.

One basic rule – do not spam/flood with this new system. It’s very “easy” to start spamming and making many posts/flooding the activity. Your account will be disabled if I feel you’re abusing the system. The same goes for creating Groups – keep it reasonable.

Alright, off to work on Stick Nodes Desktop…Nah lol I’m kidding ain’t nobody got time for that.

New Version (2.0.3) – Sliders Begone

Well, there’s more to the update than that but I like how it sounds in the title. Anyway…

Version 2.0.3 (for Android and iOS)

  • (iOS only) Fixed bug when exporting MP4 for some devices.
  • Removed sliders, replaced with +/- buttons for now.
  • Added messages instructing how to use new menu system.
  • Put back red outline when creating a stickfigure.

And yes, this update has been uploaded for both iOS users and Android users simultaneously. Crazy right!?

Stick NodesSo yeah, the majority of the sliders are gone – for now. I’ve replaced them with the +/- buttons. I have an idea how to make the sliders better, and once I do I’ll give an option for users to choose between sliders or +/- buttons.

I’ve also attempted to make it clearer how the new responsive menu works. For the first 5 times the app is opened, tooltips are displayed instructing users as to where “Frame Tools” (and sounds) are.

And the accidentally-removed red outlines when creating stickfigures has made its return!

In the meantime, I’m working on something Neat™ for the website, how to have it live this week and if it works out I can see it being of great use for a lot of you guys. But more on that in another post.