New Version (2.2.2 – 2.2.3) – Some Neat™ Improvements

February 15th – Version 2.2.4 came out the other day for Android and iOS, but I’m not making a new post for it, nothing new, just some backend changes and tweaks. However, I did add one quick feature for iOS users, you can now listen to music from background apps while animating!

New year, new updates. Here we go, starting off with 2.2.2. (This update is now out for both Android and iOS users!)

Version 2.2.3 is a quick hotfix for an issue introduced in 2.2.2.

This update still isn’t a “major” one, but there’s some new interesting features along with bug fixes.

I think the above image sums up the main points nicely, but here’s the full changelog for your eyeballs.


  • New button on all frame thumbnails, opens menu to allow you to copy multiple frames.
  • Load a stickfigure when in “Creation Mode” to be used as the background, for use as a guide.
  • Textfields now pan with stickfigures, and are also now included in onion skin.
  • Segment angle can now be set with +/- buttons.
  • When not playing animation, tap “Stop” button once to reset view, double-tap to set view to camera position.
  • If you experience crashes when opening a large project, there is now an option to open less of a project (less frames loaded). See the “Open project” window for more information.
  • New sounds, search “222” in the sound import window (Pro only).
  • Many small bug and crash fixes.

The biggest new feature of this update is for iOS users, who were very restricted in the way they could get new MP3 files (only with the help of a computer and iTunes). Now things are different, and easier – but there’s two different ways of opening an MP3 file with an iOS device.

The above image shows the two different methods.

  1. If the sound file is coming anywhere besides a website/website browser, you can probably select it (long-press) and “Import with Stick Nodes Pro”.
  2. If you’re downloading a sound file from a download link on a website, it’s a little more involved, and this is because iOS simply doesn’t let users download MP3 files. But the “solution” is simple, all you have to do is type “stknds://” before the URL and run it. Stick Nodes Pro will open and prompt you to download the MP3 files.

So if the URL is, these are valid ways to get the file:

  • stknds://
  • stknds://

That should be a big help for iOS users. As for where to find sounds, I still recommend just Googling for it, like “fart mp3”, “oof mp3”, “do u no de wae mp3” etc…

Do remember, this method will allow you to download LARGE MP3 files, but Stick Nodes won’t let you use these large files in your animations. So don’t bother downloading music files or any files over 256kb.

Okay, I’m gonna go now, hope you guys enjoy the up-… SOMEBODY TOUCHA MY SPAGHET!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I’m gonna combine these into two posts since it’s basically 2018 already, come at me.

Today is Christmas Eve…or maybe it’s already Christmas Day if you live in the magical Sean-land otherwise known as Australia.

Point is, Merry Christmas and thank you for quite the fun and entertaining 2017! It was a great year and I hope the holidays treat you all well!

If I forgot you in the image above it’s Sean’s fault. See the higher-quality version here.

We started off the year with an app that looked like this that was still using the old interface, was only in English, no frame delay feature, still had “filled circle” segments, no background gradients, couldn’t open ZIP files, no magnifier, no fullscreen, couldn’t filter import lists, and of course – no transparency and filters.

And look where we are now…Wonder what 2018 will have in store for the Stick Nodes community 🤔

I have to admit, Stick Nodes was supposed to be a quick project in 2014 and then I was going to move onto other things. But because of the community that grew around this little animation app I’ve stuck around and for three years now have been adding new things to both the app as well as to the website here. It’s an enjoyable experience because of the people here that truly have a good time with the app and the feedback that I hear.

…So keep telling me encouraging things or I’m pulling the plug on this whole operation.

Okay bye!

New Version (2.2.1) – Arrows, Arrows Everywhere

This update is live on both Android and iOS markets!

This update was a long time coming as it fixes some big issues with 2.2.0. Unfortunately I got caught up with adding new features and just being busy so it took a lot longer than I’d have liked.

My bad.

But here it is now! And here is what’s new!


  • An “arrows window”, look under “Project Tools”. Gives you access to buttons for pixel-perfect movements.
  • Hold down +/- buttons to add/subtract faster without tapping.
  • Check “App Settings” for new tools to enable/disable some things.
  • Buttons added to quickly navigate the sidebar menu.
  • Can now show the background in front of the stickfigure in Creation Mode.
  • New sounds, search “221” in the sound import window (Pro only).
  • Bug fixes: Magnifier crash, blur crash for some devices.
  • Bug fix for iOS: Audio no longer cuts out on long exports.

And that’s that. I’m hoping that blur crash is fixed, it primarily affected some Galaxy devices. Let me know (turning the blur on immediately crashed the app).

Shouts out to @ronnyanims for saving the day and becoming the new Portuguese translator for the app!

I think there’s still going to be a couple minor updates before we see 2.3.0…And that won’t be until 2018. Obviously.

Okay bye!