Coming Soon in Stick Nodes 2.0.0

Edit May 10th – You know a major update is close when I begin to work on the “announcement” video. Also pictured, the app translated into French courtesy of our resident French-person, DmLan. IT’S ALMOST READY.

Stick Nodes French

That’s right I’m skipping the 1.9.x numbers. Why? Mostly because I can.

Also because the slight UI changes in 2.0.0 will make the app look more noticeably different than previous versions, so I feel like it’s a good point to move onto 2.0.0.

The above image is just some minor changes so far, more usability changes are being worked on. That’s the main feature/change in 2.0.0 and I hope it will make the app not only more intuitive to use, but easier to navigate.

Oh, I also intend on getting the app translated into a few languages.

Facebook and Google+

This is just a PSA that Stick Nodes has very great Facebook and Google+ pages with over 4,000 likes each, have you followed/liked the pages yet?

Go do it right now I’ll wait.

I post 1-2x per week with some of the most inspirational animations made by Stick Nodes users, as well as monthly posts of the “best stickfigures” of the month (there’s a lot to choose from so I mainly focus on download counts). Here’s the collages from the last four months.

Just wanted to make an update post, since 2.0.0 still has a lot of work ahead and didn’t want too much of a dry period between update posts.

Okay bye.

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Anon sticknoder

Early release? Fix language when done ?? 😀




I wonder….why does Sean always get beat up in every update video?…i think mr Ralph should let him win atleast ONCE…..(well it’s up to you mr ralph)

Foxtrot?whos that guy
Foxtrot?whos that guy

Why doesn’t stick nodes work for HTC devices.


Did I miss out on something because you guys are talking about early releases the update video being out seriously someone help me

Mason Greckerson

There’s no early release.

Mason Greckerson

Can some of the developers create a computer version for stick nodes? It will mean a lot to me, you see, i can’t buy a phone or a tablet, and my parents don’t let me. I think it’s for my own good, but please, create a computer version for stick nodes, i appreciate if you do.

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