Coming Soon in Stick Nodes 2.0.0

Edit May 10th – You know a major update is close when I begin to work on the “announcement” video. Also pictured, the app translated into French courtesy of our resident French-person, DmLan. IT’S ALMOST READY.

Stick Nodes French

That’s right I’m skipping the 1.9.x numbers. Why? Mostly because I can.

Also because the slight UI changes in 2.0.0 will make the app look more noticeably different than previous versions, so I feel like it’s a good point to move onto 2.0.0.

The above image is just some minor changes so far, more usability changes are being worked on. That’s the main feature/change in 2.0.0 and I hope it will make the app not only more intuitive to use, but easier to navigate.

Oh, I also intend on getting the app translated into a few languages.

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Go do it right now I’ll wait.

I post 1-2x per week with some of the most inspirational animations made by Stick Nodes users, as well as monthly posts of the “best stickfigures” of the month (there’s a lot to choose from so I mainly focus on download counts). Here’s the collages from the last four months.

Just wanted to make an update post, since 2.0.0 still has a lot of work ahead and didn’t want too much of a dry period between update posts.

Okay bye.


    • Short answer: No.

      Slightly longer answer: No because audio files take up memory fast af and while possible through lots of re-working of the app and testing across the billions of different Android varieties, it’s not worth the amount of dev time.

  1. Godzilla And Dino Sounds The Monster Roars Sounds Like From Humans And it’s weird Me want All Godzilla Roars And Tyranno Roar,Spino roar,Raptor Roar,Triceratops Roar,Suaropod Roar And Duckbill Roars Just Saying And GunShots This would be a great Help OR WE COULD TAKE OUR VOICE INTO ANIMATION :))))))))) )

  2. Got the time to connect in.
    My little question is.
    When will we see this in the store ? *u*
    I want to see that stick figure button, multiple stick figure button and that vcam button.
    Guess they are single stick figure move, panning, and vcam.

    Asdfghjjjk *hype.gif*

  3. please add a greater variety of sounds including(mostly just) MKX sounds, because I am currently working on my masterpiece which is of course Mortal Kombat themed. So I would appreciate it deeply if you made next update mostly a sound update please.

  4. Me want Dino’s And Godzilla sounds I am both Making Big Projects With Those And I
    Need the sounds The Monster roarS Are from Pacific rim I believe


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