Coming Soon in Stick Nodes 2.0.0

Edit May 10th – You know a major update is close when I begin to work on the “announcement” video. Also pictured, the app translated into French courtesy of our resident French-person, DmLan. IT’S ALMOST READY.

Stick Nodes French

That’s right I’m skipping the 1.9.x numbers. Why? Mostly because I can.

Also because the slight UI changes in 2.0.0 will make the app look more noticeably different than previous versions, so I feel like it’s a good point to move onto 2.0.0.

The above image is just some minor changes so far, more usability changes are being worked on. That’s the main feature/change in 2.0.0 and I hope it will make the app not only more intuitive to use, but easier to navigate.

Oh, I also intend on getting the app translated into a few languages.

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Go do it right now I’ll wait.

I post 1-2x per week with some of the most inspirational animations made by Stick Nodes users, as well as monthly posts of the “best stickfigures” of the month (there’s a lot to choose from so I mainly focus on download counts). Here’s the collages from the last four months.

Just wanted to make an update post, since 2.0.0 still has a lot of work ahead and didn’t want too much of a dry period between update posts.

Okay bye.


    • Lol. I did say numerous times before starting this update that it would take a long time, that’s why I was trying to do a lot of small updates/features in the buildup to this update, otherwise they’d all be delayed months.

      • Do you ever think there will be an options menu that can disable the limits of the app (Such as 20 figure limit, limited texts, 1 imported bg image per frame, etc) so that the people with faster devices can run more features>

      • I just can’t wait for the update I really want that menu I really want to know what that mode is the one with the picture of 3 stick figures

    • Working on it every day. Last big job right now is getting it translated which will be happening very soon. Then Android will be ready, with iOS soon to follow *hopefully* if it doesn’t present any unforeseen challenges.


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