So here’s a list of some of the more common questions I get from users. Hopefully it’ll help you out if you’re having any troubles.

If you’re still having any troubles after reading these answers, please ask your question below in the comments!

Q. How do I download/import new stickfigures?

A (new). This is the new answer, you can read the old answer below if you wish.

As of the 1.7.9 update to Stick Nodes, you no longer need an external tool to get your stickfigures imported. On iOS, you can directly open stickfigures from Safari, emails, etc… On Android, the Stick Nodes app automatically scans your /download/ folder for any NODES, STKNDS, STK, and MP3 files.

If you have iOS 8 or older, this may not work for you. You will then have to follow the below instructions, or preferably update iOS to 9 or 10 if possible.

A (old). This is probably the most common question I get – how to get downloaded stickfigures into the app. The instructions depend on if you’re using Android or iOS.

(NOTE: There is now a video tutorial showing how to do this, check it out on Youtube.)

For Android users, first download the stickfigure file(s) you want to your device. Now you’ll need a file-manager app, I personally use FX File Explorer. Open that up and navigate to your /download/ folder (or wherever your device saves downloaded files). From there, copy the downloaded stickfigure file(s) and paste them in the /Stick Nodes/stickfigures/ directory. After that, you’re done – just open up Stick Nodes and import the stickfigures like normal.

For iOS users, it’s a bit more involved due to how Apple handles file security. Don’t bother downloading the files on your device! Use your Mac/PC to download the stickfigure file(s). Now, connect your device to your Mac/PC and open iTunes. Navigate to the Apps tab, and scroll down to the File Sharing section. Click “Stick Nodes” on the left (or “Stick Nodes Pro”) and click the Add… button to add the stickfigure file(s) you just downloaded. After that, you’re done – just open up Stick Nodes and import the stickfigures like normal.

Q. How do use a pack (ZIP file)?

A. For Android users, download it and then use an app like FX File Explorer to go to your /Download/ folder and tap the ZIP file to go into it.

Once there, long-press a file and “Select” it. You want to select all files, so after selecting, tap the three dots in the top right corner and use “Select All”.

Now, long-press any one of the selected files and use “Extract”.

From the window that pops up, extract all of the files to Main Storage/Stick Nodes/stickfigures/ and you’ll be good. Alternatively you can just extract the files “normally” and they will be located in the /Download/ folder. Leave them there and open Stick Nodes, it will scan the /Download/ folder like normal and find these files.

For iOS users, use an app like iZip. First, download and install the iZip app. Then proceed to download the ZIP pack file you want, open it with the iZip app. Extract the files from the ZIP. Upon clicking the NODES files that were just extracted, click “Open in” from the popup and select “Stick Nodes”.

This may not work if you have iOS 8 or older. In which case, it is recommended you update to iOS 9 or 10.

Thanks to Allerboy and Aamir Kabba for the iOS tip.

Q. When importing a stickfigure, the app is giving me an error message – what do I do?

A. If you’re importing a Pivot STK file, make sure the stickfigure was made with Pivot 2.2.7 or earlier (not Pivot 3 or Pivot 4, you can use Pivot 4 to re-save a stickfigure as a 2.2.7 file and then import that).

If you’re importing a NODES file, make sure your Stick Nodes app is up-to-date as this is most likely the issue. If you’re using an older version of the app, you may be trying to import a stickfigure that was made with a newer version of the app. As a result, your Stick Nodes app doesn’t know how to open the file.

Q. How can I share my animation (GIF or MP4)?

A. After exporting your animation as either a GIF or MP4 file, go to the Gallery/Camera Roll of your device. Find the file you just created and share it to any social network as you would with any other piece of media on your device. (Note you cannot share a GIF file to Youtube as it is not a video, read below to find out how to convert a GIF to a video file.)

Q. Why is my GIF animation not moving on my iOS device?

A. Stick Nodes will always export an animated GIF of your stickfigure animation. However, upon viewing these files in the iOS Gallery/Camera Roll, you’ll notice they won’t appear animated and will instead only display the first frame. This is only due to how iOS handles animated GIFs – it doesn’t support it. Your file is still animated, it just won’t appear that way. To see it animate, you’ll need to open it in your browser or view it as an attached file to an email – there it will animate. Better yet, just upload the file somewhere on the internet and view it there (from your browser), plus you can share the link with others so they can see it, too. You can even search for a “GIF viewer” app in the App Store and use that to view animated GIFs.

Q. How can I upload my animation to Youtube?

A. If you have the Pro version of Stick Nodes, simply export your animation as an MP4 file. Afterwards, go into the Photos/Camera Roll on your device and find this video file. From there, you can share it to Youtube just the same as you would with any other video on your device.

Now, if you only have the Free version, you’ll be limited by only being able to export a GIF file. After exporting, you’ll need to import this GIF into another app or desktop-based video-editing program and re-export it as a video file. You would then upload this file to Youtube.

Q. How can I add sounds/music/voices to my animation?

A. As of the 1.6.0 update, Pro users can add sounds to their animations from within the app!

For Free users, however, all is not lost. You can very easily take your exported GIF or MP4 files and import it into another app or desktop-based video-editing program. From there, you’ll more than likely be able to add sounds/music/voices and re-export your animation as a video file.

For desktop, programs like Windows Movie Maker, Flash, or iMovie would very easily do the trick. I’m sure there are also many apps like this as well.

Q. How can I delete stickfigures/projects/exports from my device?

A. As of the 1.6.0 update, you can delete stickfigures/projects from the import/open menus in the Stick Nodes app. To delete exports, go to the Camera Roll/Gallery on your device and delete them like any other photo/video.

Q. How can I remove an imported stickfigure from the library of my project?

A. There is no functionality for this at the moment. This is due to how Stick Nodes saves projects, it expects the library of imported stickfigures to stay intact and unchanged. This may change in a future update, but for now you’ll just have to ignore stickfigures that you’ve imported and no longer need.

Q. How can I add more sounds to import?

A. If you’re on Android, the app should automatically find compatible sounds in your /download/ folder (they must be MP3 and less than 256kb in size). So simply Google for a sound you want, download the file, then open Stick Nodes and go to import the sound – it should be there in the list if it satisfies the above criteria.

If you’re on iOS, you’ll need to use iTunes (and as a result, a computer – PC or Mac). On your computer, find the sounds you want (Google search) and download them. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes. Click the icon for your device near the top, then click “Apps” on the left. Scroll down to “File Sharing”. From there, select “Stick Nodes Pro” in the list. Now, just drag the sound files you just downloaded into the iTunes list on the right (you’ll see all of your project files, stickfigure files, etc in that list).

Q. How can I create a ZIP (also how do I submit a ZIP or submit stickfigures)?

A. Creating a ZIP may not be necessary. If you’d like to submit a pack (ZIP) to the website but do not know how, just submit each stickfigure individually and include some type of message/hint that you’d like them to be part of a single pack in the name/description.

If you have a ZIP file created, you can email it using the submission form on the website.

As for how to submit regular stickfigures, there’s a button in the app under “Library Tools”, click that, fill in the information, and you’re done.

Q. How do I export in high quality?

A. By default, Stick Nodes exports at a resolution of 640 x 360, which may not look great depending on what you want. If you want 720p on Youtube, for example, you’ll need to change this. When exporting a GIF or an MP4, simply change the resolution to 1280 x 720. It will take longer to export, but will look much better!

Q. If I buy Pro, do my projects and stickfigures carry over from the Free version?

A. On Android, yes. Stick Nodes Free and Pro both share the same folder.

On iOS you need to transfer the files yourself with iTunes. DO NOT UNINSTALL THE FREE VERSION UNTIL YOU’VE PERFORMED THIS TRANSFER.

After buying Pro, connect your device to a computer and open iTunes. Click the little device icon at the top and then click “Apps” on the left. On the new screen, scroll down to the “File Sharing” section and in the list you will see “Stick Nodes” and “Stick Nodes Pro”.

Go into “Stick Nodes” and select all of the project and stickfigure files from the list and save them to your computer (for example, just save them onto your desktop).

After, select “Stick Nodes Pro”. Now select all of the files you just saved (for example, from your desktop) and simply drag them over into the list. They will automatically be uploaded into your device.

You’re simply temporarily transferring Stick Nodes Free files onto your computer, and then immediately moving them into Stick Nodes Pro.


  1. Could you make it so that when you use the ‘Magnifier’, you can move the nodes via the little window as it seem pointless without such an ability. I’m still hunting for a way I’d use it as often as the camera or timer but it seems utterly pointless without such a capability.
    It’s a nice concept but not executed properly which causes it to fall flat on its face. Try considering this idea; however difficult it may be to code, you got this far right?

    • First, as I’m sure you’re aware, the point of the magnifier is to select a node, and then when you go to grab that node on the main stage it will stay selected easily and you can move it.

      If you were to drag nodes in the magnifier, it would introduce the same annoying “I didn’t mean to drag that node” issue when dealing with small clusters of nodes, which is one of the main things I was trying to solve with it.

    • Select nodes. Then grab selected-node in the main stage and move it like normal (it will stay selected).

      Like I mentioned above in Epitaph’s reply, allowing the dragging of nodes in the magnifier itself would (at least I think) make it more annoying when you’re dealing with clusters of nodes, and you’re accidentally moving them while moving the magnifier around.

      The original point of the magnifier was to just select a node, not actually move it. Now you can move it (after selected) on the main stage.

      I’ll look into maybe adding a checkbox to it that will allow dragging of nodes, but I have to see how it feels.

  2. Hey Ralph, could you add in some new nodes? Transparent nodes, these are nodes that can be seen through which makes it easier for animation purposes. Shine nodes/light nodes, these are nodes that are bright and act as light which should cast the necessary color shadow onto NOT THE WHOLE NODE OR SHAPE, but partly or a section shape of the object! 😀 Please add these nodes Ralph it would make my animations more easier and better so you can cringe less 🙂 Thnx byeeeeee ADD THEM PLEASE, uh bye… -.-

  3. Ralph porque no agregas una version al stick nodes como pivot 3-4 de la version de stick nodes y si tambien puedes agregar mas nodos al crear que solo es 256 nodos agrega mas nodos como 500 nodos al crear un stick figure y si puedes poner mas de 25 stick figure agrega como 50 stick figure por favor yo se que es difisil pero cuento con tigo ralph a y otra cosa si puedes agregar la transparencia alos stick figures bajar la opasidad +/- por favor ralph aslo por favor si lo puedes haser ala proxima version 🙂

    • MiniPhoenix’s free translation.(about as much as I could do without google translate and a summary).
      1.Hey Ralph, could you make it so I can use pivot 3-4 sticks (Answer: no sadly the creator of pivot only gave Ralph permission for 2.7.7 sticks)

      2. Hey Ralph. Could you make the node limit 500 instead of 256 (Answer: if Ralph did this some sticks wouldn’t work on certain devices. Ralph wants sticknodes to run smoothly on all devices)

      3. Hey Ralph can you please add opacity with a +/- button? (Answer: we don’t know Ralph’s plans for the future. He could be making transparency or he might not. A +/- system would be a good idea)

      I have no idea what language this is to translate the answers back. If anyone can reply to this with the answers in their language that would be useful if not I’m sorry Daniel if you can’t read this

  4. I am going to do Top 5 Best Commentors, because I want to see what everyone thinks.

    (Before we start, I’d like to say that this top 5 and the Top Commentors (Monthly) are not the same.

    Mine is based off of which 5 people everyone thinks are the best commentors, while the Top Commenters (Monthly) is based off of who commented the most this month.)

    You can vote for any commentor, and the 5 commentors who get the most votes, are deemed the best! 😀

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    You have a week to vote.


    One last thing: Have fun! 🙂


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