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    Look,man,we started off on the wrong foot.I appreciate you trying to help me fix up my character,but how you designed her wasn’t at all how i imagined her.Im not saying she’s comepletely trash,it’s just that she’s similar to Roux.She has realisticness,but she looks like a stripper.And no,Im not referring that Roux looks like a stripper.But listen,I need you to answer these questions.
    1.If a stickfigure hasn’t a hat,and nothing else,are they naked?
    2.If a stickfigure has an armband and nothing else,are they’d naked?
    3.If a stickfigure has a shirt and nothing else,are they naked?

    Cloaks are no different.I even have proof.But anyway,I wanna start over and do things right.If you have other plans,then that’s alright.