• Agent Speedster posted an update 4 months ago

    @ralph are you to good for my figs or something I am sending my figs like one and a half weeks after another so it should pop up and this is not to many figs getting sent all at once not trying to make any beef or anything but I just want to know and also @epitaph200 I am waaaayyyyy faster than you

    • Can’t confirm

    • To be honest @epitaph200 gets all the spotlight when it comes to makes figures, even too there are a lot of user that actually does not upload daily or weekly as he does.

      Speed doesn’t equal quality but if you actually aim fast and have stuff with more quality i just gotta sit down and praise you haha <3

      Also you probably want to take it more easy because manage the site and approve manually lot of stick figures with out making mention of working in the update its pretty tiring.

      just do your stuff at usual your stick figures probably show up sometime later 😀

      • I think epitaph’s goal is to have 100 pages of stickfigures

        he’s already 20% there….

      • i get all the spotlight because i’m good at what i do and people like me, it’s the same with everyone and everything. if you are good at something and have grown a fanbase, people will grow a bias to you.

    • sorry there was a little mistake on my part and some stickfigures were moved ahead and some pushed back

      basically soon(TM)