• Doge 2 months ago

    Hello @ralph, I am new and I need some help, how do I erase the dots that move the stick figure because I made an object and it’s full of dots and I need to remove it pls help :3.

    • did u play the project ?

    • Doge replied 2 months ago

      Yes, obviously they dissapear I am talking when I’m not playing the project, the dots to move the pieces of the object or stick figure and I want to delete those dots so I can move the figure.

      Note: the object it’s a box when I filled the box, I had to use the segments the fill it with color and that’s why there are a lot of colors

    • when you’re creating/editing a stickfigure, mark nodes you don’t want to be moveable as “Static”

      near the bottom of the menu the checkbox “Is static” – check it for those nodes

    • Doge replied 2 months ago

      Thanks a lot!

      This is a great community they respond very quickly!