• @speruu, will I get a boss fight/ role/ part in the story? I ask this because I have a lot built up for Scouts character and I want people to see that

    • We could add you in Map 2 as a Major boss. Just tell me what i need to do.

      • Well scout is usually kind, though as a boss I would like to see him absolutely pissed off, he would have no mercy on his victims and would stop at nothing to meet the demons demands.

        So one attack could be the metal rain, scout is a techno path, he can control metal, so I would want to see him drop a car on a player, dealing 100 damage

        A outher attack could have him lunge at the player and star them, dealing 30 damage, but this would electricute a player/Allie

        The final attack is a pull attack, a grey arm would come out of the ground and pull people closer