• Blue Aqua Anims 1 month ago

    What Should I Animate??? Help Comment Your Ideas And I Will Upload It To YouTube

    • Animate a sword fight, but in anime style

      • That’s every Scarf Animation ever, way too generic and nothing anybody’d even care about

    • I Will Like The Comment When I Accepted It

    • Finally, the perfect chance to convert a Scarf User to a true user.

      Protagonist: Space Pirate Commander Aeflex

      Antagonist: Admiral Toskanvaar

      Plot: Base of Space Pirates situated on an asteroid. Large ship jumps out of lightspeed nearby the station. Upon noticing the ship, Pirates gather in a room with a big moniter in the centre, displaying a hologram of the ship. The pirates assemble a plan to board the ship, knock out it’s engines, place a charge in the lightspeed drive and grab as much loot as possible before someone back on the asteroid lights the charge, erasing the ship.
      We are next put in the perspective of Scouting Commander Aeflex, showing him to be very professional looking with his sleek armour and advanced weaponry. He orders his fellow Scouts to make way to their ships, they will be the first to board, in order to map out the ship for the main attack force.
      Once kitted up, in their ships and on their way, they will approach the ship. Their sensors will then notice that the large ship is activating it’s scanner. They cut their engines, letting the vacuum of space carry them on without the scanner picking up their pressence. Once close enough, they attach their ships to the main ship’s hull, drill a hole and enter the ship.

      I will leave the rest to you. Just remember to use advanced figs, interesting dialogue with plenty of context, flesh out the characters, use visuals to make the snimation more interesting, use a variety of camera angles, Action is not the key style, remember to use plenty of Suspence and Mystery as well, maybe even a “oh s**t” moment like the Admiral absolutely decimating the Pirates or for the Pirate’s leader to actually be a traitor.

      Good luck