• Chaoz posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    @epitaph200 I need some help. I have no ideas for my sn movie: the ultra war. (Get it? The villan’s name is ultra) so I got an idea that half way in ultra would fuse with roux and the brood mother. (I frogot her name) do you think you could fuse them with this guy for me?

    • I got a better idea that’d require less effort and not interfere with my own business as much.
      How about he finds some special demonic sword that says wil grant him the power of a demon. So, being the villain he is, he takes the sword, not knowing some demon guy (i dunno, you make him up just don’t give him a scarf) is able to control Ultra’s mind and contort him into a demonic version of himself having to try and hold onto as much of his humanity as possible otherwise the demon dude will be released (whose like 100X more evil than him or sumthin’)

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