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    Well dang…

    • You made him really upset didnt you?

      • Nah…
        “Boi …… i dont give to sh # $ anymore tbh. I could give a damn less about you. Since you only pop up and make a f # $ king joke for attention l, someone could be in arguement and then just jack pops up makes a random #ss joke. It gets annoying after a while. The stupid jokes that you have made literally made me want to kill myself, which I already have been wanting to do. I already have enough stress and bullsh # $ on my hands so just leave me be. I am just trying to get that off my shoulders still, I UPLOADED THAT STICK TO YEAR AGO AS WELL. NO MAYBE 2 YEARS AGO. THIS IS BULLS # $ T! I GET JUDGED JUST FOR SHOWING WHO I CAN BE. BEFORE I WAS JUST TRYING TO BE NICE, BUT NOW I AM F # $ KING PISSED OFF SO I CAN NOT LIVE WITH YOU LITERALLY JUST F # $ KING ACTING LIKE A SMART # $ S AND BEING SOMEONE WHO JUST MAKES THESE STUPID @ $ S JOKES WHEN ITS NOT NEEDED. I AM GOING TO SAY IT ONCE AND NOT AGAIN, LEAVE ME THE F # $ K ALONE. I AM NOT TO BE F # $ KED WITH ON HOW TO MUCH I CAN HOLD ON MY GOD DAMN PLATE OF DRAMA, RIGHT NOW, ITS FULL. SO YOU CAN JUST GO F # $ K OFF. I ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH STRESS ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, SUICIDAL THUAGHTS, SO WHY SHOULD I CARE ABPUT YOU. CAN YOY JUST LEAVE ANYONE ALONE WHEN THEY ARE JUST TRYING TO PAY FOR THE MISTAKES THEY MADE IN THE GOD D # $ N PAST ?! SO CAN YOU JUST GO F # $ K OFF NOW ?!”

        • You did something to make him say that

          • Well he called epitaph to roast a group for copying him, I told him that he shouldn’t do that because he has also copied epitaph and worse, he got really mad and erased his account

            • He also said he tryed paying for his mistakes, i saw the arguement

              • guess you know everything, I dont want him to be hated or something I just want him to know he shouldnt insult others like a coward when he has done worse things
                If he knows the pain a person suffers when he is insulted because of copying others, he should not encoraje hate to that kind of people

                • He also said “i dont want other people following in my footsteps” you should not be talking behind someones back who just wanted some friends

                  • Are you saying that to me?

                    • Not really im just stating some stuff he said and how you can make friends. To not talk behind their back is a important one

                      • I’m not talking at his back, you asked me what happened and that’s what happened and I said all the information as neutral as I could possibly say
                        And I didn’t say this at his back
                        I’m literally saying what I told directly to him
                        I am his friend, I know he has problems as any other human I just want him to stop insulting others when he doesn’t have the right to do that

    • I never thought Crocodii would leafe

    • He’ll be back I’m sure. I know his youtube so.

    • At the time i commented this the Group has more members than Ralphs

    • W h a t