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    I present loroak
    The giant desert centipede anthro
    Personality: chaotic and fueled by animal instincts and has no sanity or control over himself
    Attacks: Hes pretty fast and can dig underground and use his body (tail) to hit people and he can slash with his claws and ram people with the horn on the front of his head. Or try to choke something with his antenna. But easily his strongest weapon is his teeth and jaw. Being very sharp to pierce through even the toughest armour. It will inject venom and will cause 70000 (thats more than a woman giving birth and being kicked in the nuts combined!) dels of pain.
    Disadvantages: he is blind but his sense of smell hearing and sensing are incredible.
    Advantage: the more damage delt the stronger his skin gets. So after a while his skin is as tough as 500 pounds of titanium, but against jakes sword its only 500 pounds of steel (he is 35% demon). Thats all folks