• Hi, I made three characters that I am proud of. I know they aren’t great but i enjoyed making them, the character farthest to the left is named Atfault, I thought it up without too much consideration. She (and they’re all female cause frankly I can’t do male anatomy very well, very much willing to learn) is a assassin is what I would say if that role for characters wasn’t used so much so she probably will be involved in a criminal gang, not sure if that is overused or not so I might change it.
    ,Just wanting to be unique.

    The one in the middle is Tvead who has a Wii U game pad screen enlarged with added monitor glass and a 90s Tv screen that had the glass broken, not sure why but that’s how it is for the character didn’t even mention the four arms where did those come from?

    Last is far right person, it’s dorito head.