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    Hey @ralph
    Umm, i was checking the Epitaph, Roux and Charxek Thar figs when i noticed the lore is completely wrong compared to it now. Basically, i want to reupload them. What I’m gonna do is upload ‘Epitaph the Origin Being of Creation’, ‘Empress Roux’, and ‘Charxek Thar – Nightmare of Utopia’ again with a fresh description and i’ll also Email you 3 pics to add to the characters for a neat pic on the site (think like what JackFly did with his starship dude). When uploaded, could you delete the old version (but not the altered versions like Wingless Epitaph or Roux Side View) and give them back the old downlad number as to prevent people downloading the exact same fig again.

    If you accept, I’ll get to it.