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    Sooo, nobody’s really wrote any moments they had so i guess I’ll be the first.
    This is the story of how i killed my first Lynel.

    So I’d just saved all the Devine Beasts, obtained the Master Sword and finnaly built up the courage to storm Hyrule Castle and kick Calamity Ganon’s ass. So i run through Hyrule Field, run through the ruins of Castle Town and finnal reach the gates and for the first time ever, i get to hear what would become my favourite theme throughout the whole series. I draw the Master Sword, i grap my Knight’s shield and charge down the road up towards the Sanctum, parrying Guardian lasers like a pro and diggin’ the badass theme of Hyrule Castle.
    So I’m running up there and I’m confronted by these two Guardian Towers that were guarding a tower, this tower had a Blue Lynel in it that would spawn when you enter. Like a scardey pants, not knowing how to s new Guardian, I immediately leap into a river.

    I equip the Zora armour and begin ascending the many waterfalls that cascade down the Castle till i reach a new road (note that i just skipped past 2 lynels unknowngly!). Once again, i equip the Hero’s Clothes and continue up. Then once again, another tower with two more Guardian towers, this time there was no ledge to jump off so i charge at the door praying for safety. I sprint in, barely missing the azure lasers that blast aside me and fortunately leap inside. It’s at this moment i knew i f**ked up.

    The door closes and from the roof comes down a Silver Lynel, the strongest type of Lynel you can get outside of the Master Mode. So I’m scared s**tless, remembering that i ran like a little pussy when i found a Red Lynel when doing the Vah Ruta quest. So now there’s no way in, no way out, just me, a Silver Lynel and constantly spawning Malice Skulls.

    So on my first try i die pretty much instantly, i know, big surprise. I respawn, and i die again. The problem was that i had avoided spoilers at ALL COSTS, not even guides so i had to fight this infamously difficult enemy on my own with no help, just my own brain thinking for itself. After about 5 terrible attempts, i got it to about half health by constantly dodging it’s attacks rather than trying to parry, of course i died after because i brought NO food, a freaking Malice thingy killed me.

    I keep trying and trying till after about 8 attempts, I managed to fell what is considered the most powerful miniboss in the game and my pride was through the roof. I took a few minutes to just stand there, awing my accomplishment before finnaly continuing up and finnaly reaching the Sanctum to do battle with The Great Calmity itself.