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    Aargor – Lord of Unknowing

    An evil Nictomancer (shadow mage) who was trapped in a tome known as ‘The Book of Sealing’, an infinite prison created by an ancient and long dead guild of Solarmancers (Sun mages); this ancient book now lies in the ruins of their Castle, high up in the frozen and barren mountains.

    Aargor vowed to erase all light from the world and cast shadows over the land to allow his power to grow and allow him to gain complete domination of our world. This dark lord has many abilities like Nictomancy, Necromancy, Electromancy and Neuromancy (Mind magic, so inducing hallucinations and blindness).

    If is Dark Lord were foolishly revived, few would be able to stand in his way from his evil gains.

    There, that’s how it’s done.

    • I just saw alot of text, and a picture.
      What’s this again?

      • Actually read it.

        But yeah, your puppet faced Sebastian fella. This is what i came up with base on him to show how far your imagination can take you

      • He’s all yours

        • So, I can use this instead of Sebastian,. Is that what your saying?
          Also, good lore, too OP.

          • Yes, he’s more unique, creative and has an intimidating name

            • Ok, I’m still gonna use a separate design for Sebastian, and this.

              • Dude, i made this with the sole intention of eradicating that name and saving the design for The RHG Shop, I’m not allowing you to just take a design without permission, you’re lucky I haven’t just torn that character from you without any form of upside.

                I have gone through the labour of designing, naming and coming up with an original story just for you and yet you do this. This ISN’T a gift, it’s a trade

                • Fine, I’ll need to make a new fig of this.
                  Although this is much more of a finale villain…
                  I’m still gonna have a villain named Sebastian.

                  • Here’s how you can implement someone who suits ‘Sebastian’
                    Sebastian of Frostmanor Mansion. (Otherwise known as ‘Master Seb’)

                    Sebastion is an odd chap. He’s an old, wealthy bloke who lives by himself within a Mansion deep in a frozen forest which is surrounded by dense fog. Not many people know about him aside from the residents of the nearby town or Utarthole (yoo-tar-thowl). The townspeople there have many rumours surrounding him; some call him a Ghost, others believe he and te rest of his mansion are all just an illusion created by the cursed fog.

                    In truth, Master Seb is in fact a long dead ghost that continues to walk the halls of his mansion. The reason his spirit has survived is from people venturing into the fog where they get lost, starve and die; he then enters the fog himself and saps their spirit to prolong his lifespan. Nobody has ever came into actual contact with mister Seb but the only time was when one hardy adventurer managed to surpass the fog only to see the gian manor with the ghost of a half rotten man in the window, staring at him with it’s empty eyes. One could only shudder at the though of what this ghost would do if provoked.

                    So how’s it sound?

          • PS it’s pronounced ‘Are-gore’

        • Not really too OP doe.

    • OP

    • I’m currently debating in my head who’s a better artist. You, or a friend of mine IRL. Both are better than me.

    • “Lord of Unknowing”

      kinda feel like low-key epitaph is insulting your dude as “lord of ignorance and stupidity”