• Epitaph posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    @ralph hey Ralph, i have an idea to solve a crisis involving sounds and people who can’t get new ones without an update. you see, there’s tons of sounds for punching, yelling and walking but you know what there isn’t… SUBTLE SOUNDS. i’m saying like little murmers or quiet breathing. things like tapping or running a tap. things like calling “hey” or actual female voices (cause Roux’s vocabulary is pretty limited at the moment). now here’s my plan.
    you can only use royalty free and/or free sounds otherwise you’d risk copyright restrictions right.. well what if i MADE some.
    as in i go out my way to download a sound editor and go around knocking my door, ‘hmmph’ing, yelling, saying some funny English stuff for extra comedy sounds, slapping myself (not looking forward to that), clicking lego bricks, getting my sister and mum to also grunt and sigh into the mic, and most importantly, make some futuristic sounds!

    • I kinda want to say yes just to have you go up to your mother and sister with a recorder asking them to make weird grunt sounds

      the thing about sounds is there’s already SO many lol, I never intended for the list to get so big, but it’s fine, I always figured people can just add their own, this was to just help them get started, like the default stickfigures

      once I make iOS able to import new sounds easily I think we should be good

      people just don’t understand that it’s not hard to get sounds, just Google around for what you want and download the MP3 file, done