• Epitaph posted an update 2 weeks ago

    @ralph ralph, i need some help. Things have been going rocky for me recently. I’ve had Spierr ruining my Lord Tarboron comment section with his insane religious bulls**t, I’ve had Chip something ir other calling me childish because i couldn’t keep cool when he won’t listen to anything i say, I’ve lost my boyfriend and now it feels like the site’s turned against me.

    It’s gotten me genuinely teary, i screamed at Spierr, i told Chip to drown himself, i just snapped and I can’t take snymore of it. I just need a guy to help, to talk to. I didn’t come to you cause you’re the admin but more cause you’re a genuine guy, a friend (sorry for friendzone). I have but a few requests.
    Reset Tarboron’s comment section, block Chip or something like that and make sure I don’t ever have to see a single comment from spierr anymore. I just can’t take it anymore.

    If you’re a random guy reading, please be respectful or just don’t comment at all, the latter is better.

    • Yo my dude, might if I talk with you for a while, seems like you need it or a vacation you’re a lot more stressed out then I’ve seen you ever been in a while

      • Like i said, I’ve just had so much s**t happening. I lost my boyfriend, I’ve had my main sorce of hope turn on me (this site) and had religious bulls**t shoved in my face so many times that I’ve gotten to the point where I’d give anything to slam a mace in Spierrs jaw to shut him up.

        Too much for me to handle, I can’t cope with this amount. I can’t

        • Then let me help you, I don’t care if you flood me with your problems, I just want to help you out, cause you’re my friend. Now come and let’s talk about your problems and hopefully other stuff too

          • Well, i already stated them in the post didn’t i

            • I know, but you didn’t really go into full detail which is what I work best with when helping people

              • Well, you already know what happened with Joe and Spierr so i only need to explain about Chip.

                It’s resolved now thank goodness but it did get rough. He was a Scarf User and i just wanted to give advice, one thing leads to another and we’re suddenly at each others’ necks. He kept calling me a child, kept bringing up karma, I couldn’t take it. I also had Spierr blasting lies in my face and by the end of it i snapped, i just resorted to telling him to drown himself and stuff like that.

                I just couldn’t cope anymore.

                • No offense if you read this Spierr but I honestly don’t understand him/you at all

              • Loosing my joe was hard too, I’d loved him so dearly yet he left me just cause I’m opionated. He say’s he’d seen my comment too when i first broke up with him and claimed i was starting drama.

                And honestly, I you’re reading this too Joe, you’ve disappointed me, you’re not the boy I loved, your cold.

                • You really never explained what happened with you and Joe, you just said you broke up with him over something but never explained what because it was too painful

                  • Well, I’m fairly opinionated as you know, I’ll harass people quite a lot but usually with good intentions.

                    You see, Joe’s a bit of a normie, he buys over priced clothing just because they’re made by certain people, he’s irresponsible with money, he listens to mainstream rap. I can’t stand it so i try to change him, to make him a better person.

                    Turns out this hurt him as you’d guess but i told him directly that I can’t help it and that it’s linked to my disabilities. I also told him he only needs to tell me to stop and I’ll stop.

                    He never even tried, since then he started to intentionally avoid me till it got tone point where i had to spam him with texts and calls daily.

                    Eventually he picked up a few days later and explained he wanted to break up. I accepted but said i wanted to stay friends, he did also.

                    Next day, i waited for him outside his maths class and when he finnaly arrives he just walks away, doesn’t even look at me.

                    I can’t stand him anymore, his behaviour disgusted me and I’ll never look at him the same way again. He’s no lover of mine, he’s just a cold hearted traitor

                    • Got it, that sucks how you broke up but seriously just walking away like nothing happened is a dick move, and it makes it worse that he wanted to be friends then did that. I’m kinda glad you broke up with him if he acts like that

                      • Yeah. I’d say “at least i have you guys” but recent events may contradict that

                        • Epitaph, don’t put the blame on everyone for your past arguments, people with different view points will argue there’s no stopping that, it sometimes funny watching two people go at it. I just don’t get it

        • I strive to be the nicest i can be, and all you want to do is hurt me

          • F**k off, I don’t care what you say. Now do as I’ve already said and stay the f**k away from me extremist c**t, go preach to your false gods

          • Spierr I swear I already told you to leave him alone, if you want to be a nice person then just leave him alone even if it kills you

            • at least you are nice about it…i will listen to you mouser because of this fact, God bless and i leave you both in peace

              • here epitaph, me and @spierrwolf will stop, but just remember jesus christ when youre in trouble, not trying to shove this in your face or anything, just trynna help.

                • I will accept your apology but I’d rather burn your church to the ground than accept a guy less believable than santa clause

                • gunstick, look man..i appreciate the help and all but I had to tell cookie the same thing, I am mature, secure in who I am, and don’t need defending…

    • Hey epitaph, its okay. Let me help with snm stuff and all that crap. Ill make some figs. You just need to describe them and i can work hard, and ill do my best. I can make alot of figs in one day. So let me help. I have worked alot and gained alot skill.

      • If you wanna help out, you can always pop off to the ToB group, check for Foxinator’s post, do what he’s doing, maybe backgrounds too

      • All that personal stuff…. hope you get better….. there are plenty of fish in the sea. Just control your anger.

        • Don’t give me that excuse again. There’s plenty of fish but only a rare few are the kind that could stay with me.

          • At least you have people who could stay with you

            • I guess. I’ve only ever wanted a relationship to give people the love that most men can’t.

              Yet those men who will disrespect and torture their GFs get shrouded with attention while I’ve had nothing but Joe, who betrayed me.

              • Men who act like dicks are the most respected and that’s fuking idiotic, I would never try to harm or insult my gf or bf on propose

                • I just hope young women will get more intelligent in the future.

                  It’s why im more attracted to slightly older women (30+), they’re far more intelligent and experienced and generally easier to get along with.

                  • Can’t believe Thanos is in Fortnite

                    • Me neither, it’s not even that good a mode either lol.

                      They should’ve make it so it’s 99 players teaming up against Thanos, that’d be way cooler

                      • Nah, squads versus other squads and Thanos because if it was 99 people versus Thanos, he would lose it’s the only way he could stand a chance in Fortnite because in solo no one works together

          • It is true tho. Uhh our right epitaph

    • Oh jeez…..

      Relationship issues, community issues, anger issues, and working on a finale for a series you aren’t intrested in anymore AND trying to make a new one?

      Honestly, I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of stress you’re in.

      I think it’d help to take a break, take a moment to breath and collect yourself, because forcing yourself to make something in a time like this just isn’t healthy.

      Sincerely hope you get better.

      • You’re right on everything but SNM. I still love animating Ep.11, i just only animate when in the mood as to make sure i animate well. Plus, Aftermath is a follow up to SNM

    • ….

    • Don’t insult religion
      Just spierr for taking it far for his benefit (just like church in middle age) but respect religion

      • I have done for a while but he’s gone too far, I’ve snapped and he has to accept that there will be consequences. I’m gonna ignore him from now on, ENTIRELY, he doesn’t exist to me anymore.

    • Could you maybe cool it a little? I get that you don’t believe in God but you’re kinda looking like what you hate most. Spierr can’t stop talking about God and you can’t stop disrespecting religion. Let’s slide this religious belief stuff off the table instead of fighting over it all the time.

      • I don’t want anymore drama caused by his mad fairytales so I’m just ignoring him. And don’t tell me to ‘respect his religion’, what if someone said they believe in a giant, pink cosmic frog, you couldn’t take them seriously. That is how i see their ‘god’, he is but myth and lie. But he doesn’t need to worry about attacks as, like i said, he doesn’t exist to me anymore, I don’t care what he tries to say, he won’t get a word out of me.

        • Look. I’m not saying you have to believe in God. But If I am gonna respect your atheism you should probably respect religion even though you disagree with it. I hear you attack Christianity rather alot and this stuff could backlash quickly. Maybe just ignore religion completely on the website from now on.

          • That’s what i plan to do, i want to ignore it. But I’m just getting that warning out there that I won’t go easy on someone if they try to bring it to me

            • Hey Epitaph, I don’t want to make your depression worse, and I promise that I won’t say anything about religion to you specifically after this post, but I just want to say that we post religious stuff to get you to our side. I mean, the way we Christians believe,
              simply put, is that if we Christians are right and die, we go to heaven, and live eternally via our spirits. But if you, an atheist, dies and your beliefs are right, you just go in the ground. I might not be right, but I’m not taking any changes. Now, forget about all the other guys and focus on me, if you decide to stab me, GO DEEP. I’m not afraid of death, I’m afraid of what you might do to me, but not death. Get to feeling better soon.

              • I’m not scared if death either as i know that regardless of my actions, my fate is identical to all living beings. I will die and that’s it, all that’s left is a rotting body to decompose and provide its natural recourses back to nature. I do not believe in life after death, reincarnation or any of that and I don’t want to, it’s more peaceful to just go, to vanish, to become nothing. At least that way, I don’t have to worry about some petty god’s I just decision to torment me for eternity because I didn’t believe his extremely unbelievable religion. You may call him omniscient but honestly, he doesn’t know s**t.

                Also, call your god an ‘it’. If he were a ‘he’, he would need a penis, penis’s are used to reproduce, there’s no reason for him to reproduce, faulty as f**k god.

            • Fair enough. Just if anyone mentions it, you don’t need to go in and attack. But if the shove it in your face, feel free.

    • Hey fam. We’re here for ya.
      Plus, honestly, if someone is bein a jerk, just remember, they have piss for brains! Simple as that!

    • Epitaph, I have no say in this, dude that was by far the saddest thing i read on this site, dude just know we are here for you and we support you. Please try to fix things with your boyfriend and please Ralph ban Spierr and chip.

      • Thanks for the support. I don’t talk to Joe anymore, i told him i wanted to stay friends yet the next day he completely ignored me. I don’t care about him anymore, he’s two faced, he disgusts me.

        Chip is dealt with now, he understood that i had snapped and managed to calm down out of respect.

        Spierr though, i just have to ignore him. I enjoy a debate on religion but with a complete zealot like him, it’s impossible because he’s so damn numb minded, he doesn’t even believe in evolution lol.
        I’ve resorted to just ignoring him completely and/or to just tell him to f**k off if he tries to get my attention. I’ve got no respect for him anymore, he’s a mentally insane religious lunatic.

        • Hold on brb

          • Dude I always thought that joe would be a really nice guy,but it sounds like I was wrong,if you ever see him, plz give him the bird for me, also Spierr is a fūcking asshole, I do believe in god, but I don’t plasters it on every comment section on stick nodes, he is a asshole and can go fūck himself.

            • 1) i already had a final chat on Xbox Live and gave him what for. Vengeance is sweet.

              2) most of the drama in fact started from me advising him to just be subtle about it and to not let it control him. He proceeds to attempt to ‘save me’ and to go full on missionary on my ass. Recently i just unleashed my pure and completely unfiltered hatred on him, I couldn’t hold it anymore. If you want to see exactly what i said, look for my all-caps comment of Lord Tarboron

              • Hey man, I can relate somewhat, I understand that your an atheist and as so, you don’t really believe in religion and that’s okay, I can understand that sometimes, /if not most of the time/ Spierr can take the Christianity thing too far, heck sometimes I even consider how I managed to even believe in god, but it is good your venting, getting rid of pent up stress, drink a cup of tEA my dude I’ll hook ya up. But now that although Spierr can be an “unbearable Christian zealot”, in your terms, know that in the time he was gone I tried to make him forget this beef and try to fix the gap that was made. Also I actually believe in a giant cosmic space axolotl.

              • More drama than what I accidentally started

      • I don’t think Ralph can actually ban anyone and if he had said power, he’d be too busy working on sticknodes to ban anyone.