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    Right, guess the Origin Being of Thicc might as well say his word:

    1) Scarf Users need to learn how to f**king animate, I don’t care if they can make a fight animation, I’d like to see them ever make a good plot.

    2) CoD is overrated, I’d rather play Fortnite… Now i play Fortnite.

    3) The Ass is the best part of the body, prove me wrong.

    4) I would give anything to whack Spierr over the head with a bible by this point, the sheer amount of drama caused between me and him is ridiculous, it’s just impossible to get along with someone so obsessed with a thing that is obviously false, how the f**k can i take him seriously when he doesn’t believe in goddamn gravity!?

    5) people calling me out as a hateful person really grinds my gears. These twits can’t take a second to understand that it’s harsh constructive criticism and when it isn’t, it’s sarcasm.

    6) people need to stop seeing perverts and/or porn as a bad thing. We’re animals, therefore our most important objective is to reproduce. In order to simulate this, we use porn. Perverts like myself on the other hand are merely people with a particularly strong sex drive, they’re not f**king monsters because they want to take part in an activity everyone will say is one of the best things ever. So those of you who say no to porn, I’ll look forward to the end of your bloodline because of your own dimwittedness.

    (Remember this is a group DESIGNED to express our troubles so don’t go f**king apes**t cause i said something mean)