• Epitaph posted an update 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    @artistanims ya know, i just looked at your little bio and just noticed we’re so similar.
    I’m short
    my birthday’s August 14th
    I have disabilities (Autism, Tourettes and Dyslexia)
    but i’m not twelve, i’m actually four years older!

    • HEYO WADDU YA KNOW I’m kinda young…. *my face really started making a sad expression* And I’m talking to a 16 year old and a full blown adult (Ralph) online… Talking about memes. You may not know this, but Ralph has pinpoint coordinates of our location (THAT’S TOTALLY NOT CREEPY)
      Well, atleast I have a peer here. I’m talking about the guy you mentioned

    • I forgot to mention the tourettes, it makes me pick at my exema, instead of making uncontrollable noises. I just simply like to make horrifying sounds to creep out my classmates. Also, when school is back in, I’m heading into the eighth grade. P.s. I’m still awake because I just got back from kings island, which if you don’t know is an amusement park with roller coasters and a drop tower.

      • funnily enough, i too have exema. it’s ravaged by back so much that you could use it as a background for a WW2 battle. my Tourettes have been much more unnoticed though as iv’e found numerous ways to disguise it. there’s this one where i’d start grunting uncontrollably so iv’e disguised it as coughing. now every time i tell someone this they just reply “then why aren’t you swearing all the time?” it’s at these kinds of moments that i want to punch someone because of their ignorance.

        • I know right, who knew memes could ruin someone else’s time. But still, the so called “tourettes guy” I will never forget him burning his hands, smacking his head on a chandelier and cursing all the while.