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    First Chunk of lore.

    There might be some spoilers so read at your own risk.

    A nation that seperated from the Northbound Civilization due to strong disagreement upon the idea that people in it’s military were being used as machines. Their response to this was separating and becoming their own nation with their own government. There was little resistance on their request of seperation from the NC and they quickly became their own country in a matter of 5 months. They hated seeing people be sent to war to fight and die as they suffered 7 hundred thousand losses when they fought for the NC. This resulted in their government jumpstarting the production of drones and robots to defend the country. With this they opened up a program behind the scenes of the people called the VDC (Virtual Drone Command). This secret program is hidden right in front of every as a video game for a mysteriously cheap virtual reality system. In this video game people would go in and fight the enemy as if they were in the battlefield without knowing that the people they shoot in the game are real people. Their main city is their only city covering many kilometers of land that used to be a a city owned by the NC mainly being used for trade and free marketing. The city consists of a rundown industrial part, a rich upperclass part with highrise buildings and then residential areas all over that are home to millions of families. This nation is stuck with a problem of rebellion fighting for their home that the NC gave up to the Thaltop separatists.