• Explosive Bullet posted an update in the group Group logo of #TeamRalph#TeamRalph 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Stick nodes could use some big new features.
    (Ralph is gonna hate me for this list)
    Things I want to see in the future that would make this app obliterate all the others is these:
    -Locking the v-cam onto a specific node or stickfigure just like joining stickfigures.
    -Unlimited stickfigure limit
    This would make the app 10 times better while people are going to make more insane animations with more effects. If the limit is there for performance issues, just put a recommended limit.
    -Just please do 1080p export for pro. As much as I can already do 1080p through the fullscreen thing. Sound always ends up out of since when I put everything together.
    I’m not putting opacity because I’m going to explain it better in another post.