• F**ksinater 69 posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    • I will roast you tho, my favorite is Epitaph’s cause it’s pretty relatable.

    • I’ll get Dress-coded wearing this.

    • I’m looking at the ass of just about everyone around me and nobody can stop me

    • lmao

      these are all good, you put in some work too I appreciate tf out of you

      I like the etipaff one, I don’t really get…or want to get…the Jack one, and Chimdi’s is good – I may play with that one and do a 2.5 view of him with just “I’ll roast you” that’s pretty fire….>_>

      the etipaff one might be a little too…idk…I don’t want no kids wearing that in school and getting sent to jail or whatever it is schools do and overreact like nowadays