• Mr.JojoReference 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Sticknodes – CHAIN

    • I lol’ed at the marvel thing

    • cool, well animated but suffering some major issues.

      1) character design. i’ve said it a billion times and i’ll say it again, Base Figs and their archetypes like Scarf Figs CANNOT capture emotion like a devolved fullbody can. through simply appearance and body language, you can tell exactly what kind of character they are, what they enjoy, whose side they’re on. with a base fig it’s impossible as everyone looks the same. a little detail like an eye or wires will do nothing, you need a fully developed fig. on top of that, to a viewer like my self, it’s hard to stay focused or even root for anyone when no one is unique or even remotely relatable.

      2) clear plot) i haven’t a clue what actually happened. it’s flashy and cool but nothing more. it’s like a Fanfiction; it’s got lots of flowery language and fancy words but that’s only to hide it’s cr**py plot and boring characters. you need to focus on establishing whose the good guy, why he’s the good guy, what are his motives, who is the villain, where does this take place, etc. you only (minorly) explained who the protagonist is and what his motive is, THAT’S IT. never expect the viewer to know everything, expect them to know nothing so you may teach them everything.

      3) this is more of a nitpick but i’ll say it anyway. the ‘tween’ button is not for decoration, nor is it a beginners tool. the best way to animate is to COMBINE Tween and Non-Tween by activating tween and then for those oh-so specific moments, hit the ‘Do not tween frame button’. this is what i do with my animations and it really helps. my animations aren’t this high quality (visually) so aren’t that good an example but being used by someone like you who is skilled, you could make something truly dazzling. just remember, ACTION IS ONLY 20% OF YOUR ANIMATION, NOT 90%

      • He didn’t make this


        1) I see your point on designs and i kinda agree but when you said “Base Figs and their archetypes like Scarf Figs CANNOT capture emotion like a devolved fullbody can.” I disagree. Anything can capture the same amount of emotion. For example a basic base can capture the same amount of emotion as a really detailed stickfigure. If it has the same capability as the detailed stickfigure it could have the same emotion.

        2) Its just a 1 minute and 41 second video. I cant cramble everything in there like that. besides this is just a sticknodes version of the trailer LOGAN. Tho i still apreciate the advice just in case if i end up doing a trailer like this in the future.

        3) Nothing to say here. 100% Agree with you.

        • 1) what i mean is that you could get just a picture of, let’s say Roux, and you could immediately tell what kind of character she is. With a base fig, there’s no way to tell, they all look the same. They’re also incredibly boring to look at, I honestly can’t stand em’ and gind it very hard to avoid clicking off vids with Base/Scarf figs.

          2) it’s hard, but not impossible. With a neat little voice over, it’s much easier. Let’s take the Force Awakens trailer.
          Who’s our Protagonist? The black dude and the desert woman.
          Who’s our antagonist? Darth Vaders emo fanboy.
          Who should we be rooting for? Anyone but the knockoff stormtroopers.

          Just with visuals and carefully thought out editing, you can tell a mini story. Though like i said, it is indeed difficult.