• JackFly (Developer) posted an update 6 days, 8 hours ago

    @ralph i think there is a problem when downloading stickfigures now, like I try to download a pollyfied stickfigure and the app crashes

    • Crashes? Not just fails to import? Idk…I mean, I’m not seeing reports of that by anyone or in the analytics.

      What do you have again, Android or iOS? And the latest version right?
      2.3.3 – Android
      2.3.4 – IOS

      • iOS, didn’t work the 2 first times I tried, I tried sending it to my mail and taking the stickfigure from there and it worked after a few attempts

        • 1) which file pls?
          2) what version of iOS do you have

          I discovered the other day that downloaded STKNDS project files *from Safari* fails to open in the app because Apple STUPIDLY decompresses files automatically when downloading, and STKNDS files are compressed, so it becomes unreadable to the app – it doesn’t expect the damn operating system to mess with the file beforehand (I hate apple)

          this didn’t happen if I downloaded the STKNDS files through email though

          so I left it as-is for now, I figure not many people are downloading STKNDS files through Safari

          – – -BUT- – –

          you’re telling me this was with a NODES file? I specifically tested that afterward, and it did work fine (because I don’t compress NODES files) so Safari can’t mess with it