• Lamorak (Hedgehog) posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Hey guys, I went to the forest today and found some eggs laying on the ground. I’m trying to make em hatch but I’m not sure which species bird it is. Help would be appreciated, I need help fast. Cause they can’t just cool down for a bit. Thanks to everyone who tries to cooperate. I also found some bones, any help would be great, like which animal the bones belong to and what species the eggs are for. Thanks again. v

    • it would probably be better to have left em’ there, you may have kidnapped a mother birds kids

    • Songbird nest. Put em back. Moma bird gave birth to those. She aint just gonna let you steal em.

      • They were laying all over the ground and 2 in the sand fully covered. I did research on those eggs and found out that the birds life in trees. And the nest is something I created myself, but I am thinking on placing them back today. Even though they won’t really have a chance to survive.