• Dalton (SuccMyTaco Anims) 1 week, 2 days ago

    @crocodii hates me… I think, but I’m just gonna explain why I make these random ‘jokes’.
    So, I’m 12 years old (Not a fully cringy 12 year old) and I just think random s### is funny for some reason (I laugh faintly when typing stupid stuff sometimes ;~;), and honestly, no one outside of this site liked my randomness, so I thought that Stick Nodes.com might be a good place to share my weirdness, and apparently it wasn’t, since a lot of people on this site hate me. I’m honestly not really surprised I’m hated on this site, because not many people like me. I might as well leave if I’m just gonna be treated like a piece of s##t. I really would like to stay on this site, but too many people want me to delete my account and never come back. I’m sorry for how annoying I’ve been.
    I really just want friends, I don’t have many friends in real life. I will *probably* stay on this site, and I will tone down the annoying/randomness if I stay here. But for now, goodbye.