• Marker64 3 months ago

    Hello everyone I’m going to be talking about three topics that might lose me some friends and respect on this site which I don’t really care about, well yeah the friends bit but not respect

    First topic is respect and “members who you should worship”
    Now in the Animation Spotlight, a friend of mine posted a comment about who to worship on this site, now wether it was a joke or not, it got me thinking about it. To “survive” on this stickfigure website you got to respect certain members, I’m supposedly one of them, now I don’t care if people respect me or not, I’ll probably respond to hate… but I’m not going to force anyone to respect me or not. Now another thing that fits this topic is certain members getting “branded” as hateable and should be banned from this site, just because of an arguement, Ronin is one of these people, people hate for the arguments he was in, but I don’t hate him in fact I think we could be friends.

    Second topic is fan SN movie stickfigures
    I’ve seen lots of fan SN movie stickfigures like Crow Cane and Spick King, lots of these stickfigures get hated on despite being decent stickfigures all because they have something about the SN movie like this person is Roux’s experiment or god of Sticknodes… In the past I admit I was in the group who hated these stickfigures, but I changed, now most of this stickfigures are made because fans who watched the SN Movie series want to be in the series not for popularity but just being in their favorite series, now the haters who hate these stickfigures can just ignore them and because they’re fan figures doesn’t mean they are canon to the series. Making fan stickfigure of the SN movie should be supported not hated on because most of the fan stickfigures are really good and they just get hated on for being a fan of the SN movie.

    Third topic is Scarf Figs
    Now people hate Scarf Figs because most are simple however some Scarf Figs like A-B are not and look like they took hours to make, those detailed and hard to make Scarf Figs should be accepted and not labeled as trash because of a Scarf.

    Now some things to help the community is that if one person is being mean to someone in an argument see both sides first, and if someone is insulting the whole community and the app they should be branded as get rid of them and ban them not just one person insulting another. For the fan and Scarf stickfigures you should just ignore them really if you want to post harsh comments, or you could post tips on making the person’s stickfigure look a lot better.

    I’m gonna get lots of hate because this aren’t I?

    • @gliche @epitaph200 @foxinater101 @chimdio
      Just wanted you guys to see this

    • I honestly think this is well thought out, REALLY goof point with the scarf figs

    • The only reason I’m giving you hate…becuase I don’t like wasting my time reading a huge wall of words.

    • finally someone with similar thoughts

    • I agree with everything exept the Scarf Fig bit, no matter what you say, i will always see Scarf Figs as a lazy and unoriginal thing. If it’s a decent character who just so happens to be wearing a scarf (Jake the Wanderer for example), it’s fine because it isn’t a key part of the body. However, characters even remotely similar to a base fig will always have their stupid bit of flowy cloth as an ‘important’ part.

      • I mean stickfigures like A-B being great, and other scarf stickfigures that need help

      • Pretty good. Only things I’m really tripping with is the scarf figs. Also about the whole respect thing, I wasn’t trying to start any drama but it looks like I did. Can’t really say anything about that tho, so that’s pretty much me.

      • You know Hayabusa? From Mobile Legends? Search him up, he has a scarf, which gives an added personality.

        Now most scarves here… are hated by people… without even know the reason why they hate it.

        • Read my full comment next time.

          I said in it that I’m okay with a scarf if it’s merely a little accessory on a detailed fig. As long as they don’t resemble the silhouette of a base fig, I’ll give it some mercy.

          • I’m not saying you hate mindlessly scarf figs, i’m pointing out people who hate it just cause someone hates it too.

            So if i’m correct, read my full comment next time.

            • The first part did

              • Um… no.

                I just gave an example of a character which makes a good use of scarves.

                • And I’ve said multiple times to users that scarves are not even that cool anymore. They’re like memes in a way, they’re great for a while but eventually they oversaturate and die, the scarf users are basically those few toxic people who cling onto it even when everyone has realised how stupid the idea was to begin with, I’m merely giving those users the chance to use their brains more productively, to make better figs.

                  • Pretty correct though… scarves are pretty much milked like cows.

                    Tbh, i was expecting a lot more people to use a Katana since it’s cool and epic and shiz, not some random accessory called scarf

                    • Katanas are also overused, people haven’t took the time to see all the other cooler alternatives like the Bhuj or Macuahuitl

                      • Why has no one made a native rhg yet, as in an rhg from the old ages

                        • Like a Stone Age dude, a savage? That’d be neat. Haven’t seen many obscure RHGs though, like a floating rock or a giant humanoid mass of moss and flora

                          • Especially a dude who dual wields Macuahuitl, damn, that’ll be awesome. Or someone that is a shaman

                            • A skeleton aztec who obsesses over necromancy and orders an army of skeleton tribesmen while atop his zombie dragon, PEOPLE ARE MISSING OUT

                              • Yasss

                                A reviving ceremony to revive a dead hero from the old ages. Then it failed, causing the hero to become a dark knight.

                                The dark knight then threatens a witch/warlock to perform a summoning to summon a battalion of demons to outcast the humans. The dark knight had a change of heart when he saw his descendants.

                                Maybe a little too cliche?

                                I actually want to make this OC now, i’ll be naming him: Vorn Atlas

    • Anything that shows effort and creativity should be accepted and liked, people who call their insults “constructive criticism” are just jealous or as you and many idiots say “survive” following the ideology of a big member to not be hated for his risky opinions, this is to all members STOP DOING WHAT ANOTHER MEMBER DOES, you will probably feel more “important” or “noticed” but it’s becuase you’re acting like a dck with others as same as the member you are following, tell your own opinion no matter what the rest says, always knowing that opinion won’t hurt others, that opinion is completely fine, if you think that to survive you have to respect “big members” you’re just acting like cowards who are never going to progress, Revolutionary and respectful people is what we need not another dck rider, as conclusion
      Stop following others, do what you want whenever is original and completely respectful with others and stop thinking there are big people here EVERYBODY IS THE SAME

    • Good point indeed.
      Now if i was the one who posted this… i’m probably gonna be the one disliked here

      • Sadly
        You insulted some people from what I know
        And what you did was probably bad, In my opinion
        Make another account and new identity and be sure of what you say to others always with respect, that’s the coward way, the other way would be saying you’re sorry with people you hurt, recognize your mistake and change for the best, as example on coward way we have blue pig and on the real men way I can say Foxinater, you decide, I don’t hate you or dislike you as the rest cos you make awesome stickfigures that’s why I’m giving you these options to be better good luck

        • Nah. The hate i’m receiving is not getting on to me.
          But the fact that i’m the one judged the most than “those other” is quite depressing.

          • To be honest Jack is pretty correct in this situation. I used to detest BluePig but when he changed to ExoticButters, I couldn’t even tell it was him till I’d already slapped him in Episode 10! It works wonders.

            • He is correct.

              I never really hated BluePig tbh, why did people hate him again?

              • A big argument which involved me and Chimdi, but that was in the past and I don’t really hate Blue Pig heck I rarely ever see him on the site

                • I just randomly saw Blue Pig getting disliked whilst checking in on SN a while back. Never really knew the reason why.

                  • He was constantly ‘bullying’ users like me and Chimdi in some of the most childish ways, constantly claiming to make better figs than me, shipping multiple users like Galaysite and Chimdi and also being a downright pain in Thicc Nodes, trying to sneak back in with a second account when we banned him.
                    He was an absolute nuisance. He eventually changed his ways and people have accepted him since he matured.

          • If you insulted and disrespected people and you don’t even want to apologize then I think you deserve being insulted and judged and probably more, proud people are awesome but in this kind of situations you should stop acting like an idiot and accept your mistake