• Mouser64 posted an update 1 month ago

    So a talk about the new Smash Game

    It’s probably going to be a port for the switch and before you start claiming it isn’t and the Inkling confirms it is a new game, the Inklings being in the trailer probably means that they are a new smash character and as much I would love a new smash game, they really can’t do much but add new characters and hopefully something like subspace… there’s not really much to add graphics, texture, and other stuff, some new stages and characters would be cool along with certain characters getting a remake (Like Link). Honestly the Internet should spend more time trying to figure out what characters would be added, and no bullsht like Goku or Disney or Marvel or Star Wars or something that isn’t even close to Nintendo, Capcom, or Sega

    • To be fair, they could make the graphics look like it’s from the teasers which I would think would be amazing but it would take up too much space

    • And I’m still here, waiting for waluigi.

      Or the rabbids possibly, considering they had a crossover. I wouldnt mind if they were an assist trophy