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    Hello! new here!
    also i have a few ideas…

    If boss, put me in a urban city at night with rain as the backround.

    1rst phase.
    you have to chase me around the streets while defeating scarf figs and avoiding attacks from my wide arsenal of weapons (weapons will be your idea!)

    2nd phase
    me and the player will be placed on a rooftop, the player will have to attack and dodge my swift attacks (includes sword attacks, ninja stars and more)

    3rd phase
    the player and i will be placed on a 2 different cars, scarf figures will jump out of buildings and try to stop you. while i will shoot projectiles and eventually jump on your car, then it gets real.

    when im defeated, the player will have to jump out of the car, then a cutscene will show as i and the car, crash into a building.

    as a character, Thats your choice! (mainly cuz im too lazy)