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    Alright, so here I go;

    1) Non-binaries. Why do they exist? No one knows. But they shouldn’t they are like the ants of the human race. They are meant to be squished. How are you born with male or female genitalia and then claim that you don’t have gender. Your parents didn’t give birth to you so you can claim that you don’t have a gender. How are they gonna reproduce? Asexually? Mitosis? Reproduction by Regeneration? Hopefully, they don’t reproduce because the offspring doesn’t deserve that sort of thought process.

    2) Religion. To be specific, making fun of people’s religion. I’m a Muslim and I have encountered cyberbullying of my religion but no one ever told me it in my face which shows that they are scardey apes. I like to defend my religion as I care about it a lot. It’s against our religion to insult the Jewish or Christians because they are the other 2 main religions. So when I know it’s a Christian or a Jewish person insulting my religion I calm down. But if I know they aren’t then we are having a flame war. Aethism doesn’t bother me as much. I respect everyone’s belief (except for non-binaries).

    3) I am better at making stick figures than I am at animating. So when someone says “Your animation sucks huge pp and deserves to be burned” and then calls it “constructive criticism,” I think its that time where I review how the human race evolved and how its gonna die.

    4)Making fun of someone’s music preference is not the right thing to do. I like Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Skillet, Linking Park, and NEFFEX. (What do you like?)

    5) Now, this is a rant on myself. The only game I was good at is fricking Minecraft. I’m literally trash on every other game and I don’t know why. I stopped playing 2 years ago. I got bored of the same concept. But every now and then I play Pixelmon or on Hypixel.

    6) Egypt is overrated. Live there for a year and you see what I mean. The internet here is trash. It is limited. Even the Phone Data when I activate the hotspot is better than the home wifi. When I lived in America I had didn’t encounter many problems with the internet. What I’m saying is be grateful for your internet.

    7) If your apart of the LGBT I have no problem, just don’t do that stuff around me.

    8) Ben10 and Generator Rex deserved more care while their shows were running. Their concepts and ideas were fantastic but the delivery was poor in some areas.

    9) The internet is a horrible/great place. When I was 12 I was playing Minecraft on a low population server and I said I was going to DDOS this guy for insulting my religion. I got banned for a DDOS threat but the guy stayed on the server even when he insulted my religion. Then I got unbanned and I was in a Skype chat with the owners, admins and other people of the server. One of the 2 owners pulled my IP Address, my home address, my full name, phone number, everything. I was scared af I left the group and never went on that server. The owner was pretty nice though.

    Thank you for listening to my rant. Don’t rant on my rant.