• Topic: what is your opinion on global warming

    • i honestly have no idea what it is tbh…..

      haven’t stayed up to date with it ._.

    • I think global warming isn’t a huge problem

    • It’s possibly mankind’s biggest issue. Sea’s rising, caps are melting, storms are getting stronger, ozone’s dying, if we don’t kick Coal/Oil’s ass soon and switch to clean energy like Thorium powered Nuclear or Solar, we’re gonna destroy ourselves in the next thousand or so years. We may not worry now but we have this teeny chance to help stop the imminent threat. Look at places like China where the air is so toxic and polluted that you HAVE to wear a gas mask or like those islands that are sinking, leaving people homeless, that will be us if we don’t act and fast.

    • I believe CO2 isn’t the issue. Though China and other countries have a really bad problem it comes down to governments. People always believe that humans are responsible yet the planet has shown to heat up and cool down throughout time. Everytime someone speaks of it and it goes viral, it becomes less believable. Just like how they said the polar regions would be melted by 2010 in the 1970s. Look at them now. The whole climate change thing is smothered in lies. Even though it is true, North America isn’t the issue in my opinion. 200 years ago the climte would have been way worse due to the lack of scrubbers and amount of wood being burned to heat homes. I live in Alberta Canada and theres the environmental radicals trying to shut down the most ethical oil business, The oil sands. They say the air is polluted when there is no smog to be seen. They’ve gone too far with the issue.

    • Idc bout it
      Years ago it was global cooling.