• Red » Group logo of Challenge ColosseumChallenge Colosseum 3 months ago

    You chose a really hard challenge for the first one
    So here is the most original thing I could come up with for a scarf figure

    I call him
    He wields a Naginata and the only other thing I could come up with is that his Scarf is somehow sentient and has a hand

    I tried

    • it’sa nice you qualify brub

      • Red replied 3 months ago

        this is the most original scarf figure because it has the most original scarf

    • Scarfs with features such as a hand do get you less hate

    • …his scarf is a hand

      I don’t think even @epitaph200 can be mad

      • Incorrect.

        *Fig has no detail, only eyes which are probably a different fig.

        *Naginata’s pretty decent though a fairly common polearm.

        *A hand scarf would snap your own neck super quickly

        *bland colour scheme

        There, happy Ralph?

        • Red replied 3 months ago

          1). yeah, the fig is bland. that’s because I was being lazy with this. I couldn’t think of any ways to make an original Scarf Fig
          2). Thanks. it took me at least an hour to make the Naginata
          3). I could actually see that happening
          4). I just didn’t want to use red… or blue… or green… or any color that is over used in scarf figs

          • 1) then use your brain and take some inspiration. (Not from other scarf users)
            2) you’re welcome.
            3) yup.
            4) then add in varying colours and patterns.
            15) Burger King foot lettuce.

            • Red replied 3 months ago

              1) will do
              2) *insert funny response here*
              3) But what if this type of thing was real? would scarfs be illegal? …probably
              4) *see “1)”
              15) the last thing you’d want in your burger king burger is someone’s foot fungus

    • Nice