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    Running down the runway, is a famous celebrity among dinosaur kind, though vastly exaggerated by the general public.


    Velociraptor means “swift seizer” and came from Mongolia during the Late Cretaceous Period. The name was labeled onto the Jurassic Park Franchise Raptors that were actual based on Dienonychus and during the production of the Jurassic Park 1993 film, Utahraptor was discovered- thr only raptor at the time that was the size of the movie monsters. In reality, Velociraptor was an animal the size of a large dog, around 6ft long and coming up to the knee or so of a human. It is theorized that it may either be a loner or a pack hunter, so this amateur Dino-Person likes to think that they lived in loose social groups, hunting smaller game like birds, lizards, mammals, and small dinosaurs alone and joining together into a pack to hunt down large prey several times their size.

    Such as here, where a pack of Velociraptors harass and hunt a male Protoceratops.