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    Chaotic being
    Empire: Elemental

    Strength: 7363629178/28272!?!?#(#*#@$:
    Agility: 1/100
    Speed: slower than giant
    Defense: 1/100
    Health: 1/100

    Info: This being looks like a normal human, it’s the last of its race (so only one person can be this guy). This guys stregnth is so high, he was born to kill 800 people but his whole town he lived in wanted his power, they wanted his stregnth, the hoped if they killed him they would gain his magical power… he killed them all with an emotional feel and destructive passion. He has gotten weak, and fragile, a single punch from a very weak person could kill him, (this desc is messed up but whatever) he was created by fusing two V’s together.