• TgChan posted an update 1 month ago

    @epitaph200 have you seen this already?

    • this was made by that stickninja dude, i wanna say something but my keypad is so slow atm

      • *Stickninja’s

      • Oh yeah that stickninja dude, god damn I hate him aye,

        • I dont hate you, i just dont like the fact that you just like make him shut up, like for the reason he was just saying a bit of (criticism), and is telling the truth, not in a way that he would also say that the creator sucks at it

        • yeah dude, i don’t understand why you’d think me popping by and explaining how to make a good RHG is a bad thing.

          if some well recognised chef gives you the chance to be taught how to cook as good as him, you don’t scream at him and scream that you’ll do it your way before burning all the food.

          that’s what rejecting my advice is, it’s ignoring criticism over self importance and ending up doing a half arsed figure with no personality or emotions visible.

          i’ve been planning on making an in-depth YouTube video on the problems of Scarf Users and their separate architypes as to help inform people as to why they’re dragging the community away from the potential it could have. being as there are so many well known Scarf Users and so many problems, i’ll probably have to do it in parts.

          as a Scarf User, you’ll probably either never watch it or your ego will prevent you from listening to the valid points i will give but i plead that you listen when it does come out.

          • Lel

            • why do all scarf users reply with this, i don’t get it.

          • Ok, so I’m not a scarf user, I’m just putting that out there right now, and I know that you’re just trying to help these people, but I think you should just keep your opinion to yourself unless someone asks for it. Also creating stick figures is very different from burning food, or is it? I don’t know, I’m just a stupid teenager who doesn’t care about consequences, I don’t even know why I decided to reply.. maybe cuz I’m human? Idk. Where even is this comment going? What am I doing? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE!?

    • i think this is the only epitaph rant that i actually legitimately laughed at

    • Just perfect

    • … well…..

    • Epitaph: i’m trying to give good constructive criticism and i want to help these users become recognised as creative individuals.

      Scarf Users: *Dabs*