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    • Looks awesome
      Lel you are still reading?well then…
      May as well read about my main character as we are here,shall we? I take that as a yes.
      character name:Water
      Character age:666
      Power:water, ice, etc
      Attacks:Water blast,Ice cutter, Heavy Rain, Snowflake, Whirlpool, frostbite, Jaws, Freeze zone, Octo-daddy (summons cthulu), Ice spike, water ball,winter’s popsicle, Killer Coral, Icebow, water arrow,water bow, ice arrow.
      Story:Water was originally called Project H20, made by Ares, the god of war.Project H20 was meant to be something to protect Zeus,god of thunder and lightning.during the creation,a peasant was picked up by a giant minion of Ares’.when that happened, the peasant joseph stumbled upon the creating of Water,but what happened was Ares got distracted by Joseph,causing Ares to put too much power into Project H20, causing it too flood earth and give H20 life, but H20 saw joseph, than looking at himselph, he realized he was not normal looking,so he kept changing looks until he looked human, and vowed to Ares that he shall onlybecome his watery self only when needed.
      So… thats about it.what do you think of my character?

    • @thestickanimiater/adodbe i have ice manly im a newt so i can regenrate cut of parts in 5 mins i can barow in the ground and freeze around that keeps my oponent not able to eccape from the grond so i can use them like a punching bag >:3