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    The Legend of Links Adventure With a Link to the Past with an Awakening: The Wand of Gamelon against the Faces of Evil with Zelda no Densetsu Inishie no Sekiban with an Ocarina of Time that belonged to Majora’s Oracle of Ages and Seasons with a Master Quest that had a link to the past and four swords that came with a Windwaker and a Minish Cap that was found in Tingles Rosy Ruppeland found during a Balloon Fight used with the Phantoms Hour Glass that required Links Crossbow Training and Koi no Balloon Trip but was interupted by Majora’s Spirit Tracks and the Ocarina of time and Skyward Sword that was found with the Link Between Swords the Hyrule Warriors found with the help of the Tri-Force Hero’s and the Twilight Princess’s Breath of the Wild.