Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I’m gonna combine these into two posts since it’s basically 2018 already, come at me.

Today is Christmas Eve…or maybe it’s already Christmas Day if you live in the magical Sean-land otherwise known as Australia.

Point is, Merry Christmas and thank you for quite the fun and entertaining 2017! It was a great year and I hope the holidays treat you all well!

If I forgot you in the image above it’s Sean’s fault. See the higher-quality version here.

We started off the year with an app that looked like this that was still using the old interface, was only in English, no frame delay feature, still had “filled circle” segments, no background gradients, couldn’t open ZIP files, no magnifier, no fullscreen, couldn’t filter import lists, and of course – no transparency and filters.

And look where we are now…Wonder what 2018 will have in store for the Stick Nodes community 🤔

I have to admit, Stick Nodes was supposed to be a quick project in 2014 and then I was going to move onto other things. But because of the community that grew around this little animation app I’ve stuck around and for three years now have been adding new things to both the app as well as to the website here. It’s an enjoyable experience because of the people here that truly have a good time with the app and the feedback that I hear.

…So keep telling me encouraging things or I’m pulling the plug on this whole operation.

Okay bye!

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Please can I get a link to the download for the one with the blue hoodie

Funny132 (don't take this username seriously)
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I am sticknodes' #1 fan!


see that group of 2 trees near the right side? look closely near the bottom of the spot between them. the stick nodes demon is there.

Sticknodes274 the hedgehogYt (real)
Sticknodes274 the hedgehogYt (real)


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