New Version (1.7.0) (iOS On July 30th)

Edit (July 30th): Version 1.7.2 was uploaded to the App Store last night. As of right now, I can’t tell you exactly when it will be available for download. Unlike Android, Apple has to manually approve every update. In the past, this has taken about 2-5 days. The last update (1.6.3) only took a few hours, though.

Stick Nodes iOS

Basically what I’m saying is to expect the update at any possible moment. Hopefully soon!

Will post here when the update is live as well as on the Facebook and Google+ pages!

I am also aware of a bug in Android where exporting an MP4 at a width that isn’t a multiple of 16 causes the video to come out skewed. This will be fixed in Android’s 1.7.2 update coming out soon!

Edit (July 12th): Version 1.7.1 was just pushed out to all Android markets. Nothing major, just some tweaks. The main purpose of this update was to include better analytics tracking behind-the-scenes so I can more easily track down any bugs concerning MP4 exporting. There were a few minor changes though, as listed below.

Changelog for version 1.7.1

  • The “Stop” button now resets zoom to 100% (instead of double-tapping like before).
  • Added onion skin to v-cam to see where it is in the previous and next frames.
  • Increased size of the scrollbar for frame thumbnails.

The iOS version of this update will be released soon!

Below is the original post for the release of 1.7.0.

So the 1.7.0 update is finally released (on Android)! This update has a lot of minor additions and changes, but the biggest one is the addition of a v-cam!

What is a v-cam?

Some of you may be unfamiliar with the term v-cam.

I believe it was a term coined by a popular Flash Actionscipt object that would essentially act as a camera, a virtual camera, for animations. This would allow the animator to move it around and scale it to simulate a real camera rather than having to move all of the objects in the scene instead.

Stick Nodes camera vcam

The GIF above illustrates the v-cam in action in Stick Nodes. In Stick Nodes, you need to double-tap the canvas area to enter into Camera Mode. When in Camera Mode, you can move and scale the camera as you wish. Clicking away from the camera’s bounding box or double-tapping again will exit Camera Mode.

This double-tap replaces the “double-tap to return to 100% zoom” functionality. I don’t feel like many people were using that, but if you were, I plan to re-add the feature to the Stop button (tapping the “Stop” button will return you to 100% zoom starting in 1.7.1).

Changelog for version 1.7.0

  • V-cam functionality added! Double-tap to enable or disable Camera Mode. In Camera Mode, you are able to essentially move and zoom the “camera” rather than having to move and scale each stickfigure!
  • Added background color and background image functionality to Create Mode, will make tracing possible!
  • Improved MP4 exporting (Pro only). MP4s should export faster and in better quality (only if you have Android 4.3 or later, if not, the old method will be used).
  • Added over 40 new sounds (Pro only). Look for the majority of them beginning with the words “Effect”, “Hit”, “Voice”, and “Monster”.
  • Changed FPS limit to 60. Any FPS over 20 will automatically disable tweening, though.
  • Increased maximum zoom to 800% from 500%.
  • Background images can now scale in the x and y direction past the bounds of the animation.
  • Many other minor tweaks and fixes.

If you noticed, the MP4 export process has been greatly improved (for Android users with Android 4.3 or later). This new process exports MP4s incredibly fast and at great quality!

I plan to bring this over to the iOS 1.7.0 update if it is possible, it is the one thing holding up the iOS release of 1.7.0.

What about iOS?

Well like I just mentioned, I need to look into a way to improve the way MP4s are exported on iOS devices. If I can find a way to speed it up like Android, I will have to work on that for a few days. That will be the only thing holding up the iOS release of 1.7.0. No estimated date yet, but it won’t be too long.

What’s next in 1.7.1?

That’s a secret. 🙂

Okay, that’s all from me. Everyone go create something cool with the v-cam.

Might I recommend a Madness animation animated at a non-tweened 24 FPS, using the v-cam for an awesome cinematic feeling?

Do it.

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D4v1ddd44 anims (probably)

Yelp I’m using an iPad Air and it’s 9.3.3
And everything it’s normal the problem it’s just when I’m trying to export into MP4


What? I would like to help you but I don’t get it. What’s 9.3.3? What happens when you export into mp4?

D4v1ddd44 anims (probably)

lol sorry the version it’s 9.3.3 from my iPad and when I’m trying to export it leads me to the homepage ;v so basically I can’t export MP4 videos


Wow they’re already on ios 9? Gotta go fast.
Did you tried to uninstall the app and installing it again?

D4v1ddd44 anims (probably)

I’m a afraid to do that cuz all my sticks and projects maybe can be deleted ;(


Will people have to re-purchace sticknodes pro when the PC version is available to public?


I don’t think they’ll have to buy it again.
I think there’s going to be an unique code on the app that can be used only once and when you insert the code on Sticknodes desktop, Sticknodes pro is activated.


Dat megic owl


I also can’t create MP4! It crash when I export it…! I have an iPhone 6 IOS 9.3.4 and Stickman Nodes is version 1.7.2!
Must I reinstall the app or wait for an update of it?


It crash every time. Yes I see the percentage window with 0% and then it crash and put me out the app!


ok, thanks! I will inform you!

DARKNESS (Furryfyre)

So uh… when are we androids getting 1.7.2 xD


Now the new and the old mp4 export button work!!!
Thank you very much!!!

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