New Version (1.7.3) – iOS “V-Cam” Update Released!

So the v-cam update for iOS was actually released about two weeks ago. Surprise!

No but really, it was. I was away at the time and had numerous reports of MP4 exporting not working for users since the update. As a result, I put off making this post until I had things corrected.

That time is now. As of right now, there are updates for iOS Stick Nodes Free and Pro users on the App Store, so check it out and let me know if everything is good.

Stick Nodes iOS


Here are all of the changes that came to iOS in the 1.7.2 and 1.7.3 updates.

  • Major fix for MP4 exporting issue, also added button to use the old method in case any issue is still present (Pro only).
  • Fixed crash when exporting a single-frame looped animation.
  • Some other minor fixes.
  • (1.7.2) V-Cam added! Double-tap to enable Camera Mode.
  • (1.7.2) The “Stop” button now resets zoom to 100% (instead of double-tapping like before).
  • (1.7.2) Added onion skin to v-cam to see where it is in the previous and next frames.
  • (1.7.2) Increased size of the scrollbar for frame thumbnails.
  • (1.7.2) Added background color/image functionality to Create Mode.
  • (1.7.2) Improved MP4 exporting (Pro only).
  • (1.7.2) Added 40+ sounds (Pro only).
  • (1.7.2) Changed FPS limit to 60.
  • (1.7.2) Background images can now scale in the x and y direction.
  • (1.7.2) Increased maximum zoom from 500% to 800%.

Next up?

Well, next I need to get Android users updated to 1.7.3. There won’t be any significant changes from what you guys already have but there will be a few bug fixes and tweaks. My favorite bug on Android right now is exporting an MP4 at a width that isn’t a multiple of 16, it skews the video.

After that I begin work on the next “major” change…

Hey you, write a comment!

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Make it possible to scale stickfigs! Animations would be better that way. Or maybe make stickfigs be able to be downloaded without using a PC

Dragonmon Shippuden
Dragonmon Shippuden

For scaling, I think you mean the stick figure size button.

And for iOS, I’m pretty sure that’s due to how they handle downloads, not up to Ralph. If you have android then you don’t need a PC


Hi Ralph,

I’ve been trying to contact you but the email address on the Play Store got a delivery failure response and I don’t know if you’ve seen this email on the Google+ page, hence I’m trying here.

I’ve been looking at your app and am very impressed by its features. There’s a few things I would like to know though before I purchase the Pro version.

First, what frame size are the created projects, and the exported video? Is this customisable? I presume the exported video has the same frame rate as selected within the app? Is that correct?

Secondly, what are the audio option details – length, format, live record, etc.- since they are Pro only there’s no way of knowing what limitations might exist before purchase.

Thirdly, with character creation, is it possible (or, will it ever be possible) to import elements drawn in other software for putting together more highly detailed models? Will it ever be possible to draw elements directly from within the app? One of your competitor’s apps (Drawing Cartoons 2) allows this functionality, though your app seems to be better thought out in other ways! I realise that your app is aimed at a particular aesthetic, but allowing such things would mean it could be used in many other ways as well.

Lastly, will you ever have greater control over the tweening options – adding 2 frames between keyframes is not ideal for all situations.

I really hope you continue to improve your app.

I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks for your time.

Best wishes,



yo Ralph
in the next update, can you add like a search panel thing?
sorry because idk what is called, it’s for the import stick figures
that you can search the name of the node or stk.

because i have a ton of nodes and stk that i have to scroll down…
a LOT.


hey what do i i cant import the new stickfigures im my sticknodes
hey ralph do u know how 2 fix this


Hey Ralph, I just want to ask something.
Would it be possible for you to create a in-app downloads spot? Such as in-app purchases that allow in-app stores to change the internals.
I wish it could come soon, making iOS devices have a easier way to download sticks, the same with Android.


When is the Desktop version coming out? :)) I CAN’T WAIT AT ALL XD

Definitely not neon
Definitely not neon

Why when I export something to gif. and i play it in my device, it looks like if it is in slow motion?…i tried to put the animation in 20 fps (i was using tweening on), and export it but it looked the same:/

isaid gutierrez
isaid gutierrez

like is me
app favorite