New Version (1.7.6 – 1.7.7 – 1.7.8) – “Three For One” Update!

Edit November 8th – Version 1.7.8 just went live (Android), fixes some tweening issues about flipping and color.

More updates. MORE UPDATES.

This one showcases three new features for Stick Nodes.

Check out the announcement video below if you’re a visual learner.

Three new features

So a personal issue I’ve had with Stick Nodes was with how it handled tweening, this update finally fixes it. You can now choose how many tweened frames you want between your keyframes (1-8), before it was pre-set to always be 2. This results in much, much smoother animation when you have a good balance of FPS, tweened frames, and well-animated frames.

This *may* result in lag depending on the complexity of your animation and your device’s power. Any lag you experience when playing tweened animations will not be present in export GIFs/MP4s.

The next big change is that textfields are now tweened just like stickfigures. This was a big request from many users.

Just a note that old pre-1.7.6 projects won’t have tweened textfields. This is because they were saved without data required for the app to properly determine what to tween and what not to tween. As a result, only new projects will have this feature.

The third big change is one that has me the most excited – color gradients for segments!

Certain segment types can now transition from one color to another. Circles are excluded from this due to the functionality for it being lacking in the underlying code framework I use. Check out the first stickfigure created with subtle gradients, the Evil Default.

Changelog for 1.7.6 – 1.7.7 – 1.7.8

  • (1.7.8) Version 1.7.8 fixes tweening bugs from 1.7.6 (flipping, color). Below are 1.7.6 changes.
  • (1.7.7) Version 1.7.7 fixes bugs from 1.7.6 (copy segment, crash when exporting). Below are 1.7.6 changes.
  • (1.7.6) Improved tweening – you can now set the amount of tweened frames you want (1-8) under “Animation Tools”.
  • (1.7.6) Textfields are now tweened. Also the maximum allowed textfields per frame has been raised to 5.
  • (1.7.6) Color gradients for segments. Segments are no longer restricted to a single solid color, can have gradient applied.
  • (1.7.6) Sound files will not play when shuffling/listening to music (Pro only).

This update is not out for iOS yet, it is planned for release later this week!


  1. so you said ” Scrap it and release it ”
    no wonder I didn’t get it..

    I thought you already released it but ‘scrap’ the itunes and just give us the ipa file -.-

    Oh my Dear T.T I’ve been tricked T.T

    • Lol, I’m sorry. Yes, now you understand why Nicowsky was also mad at me.

      Soon! It’s worth it, now you can open NODES, STKNDS, and STK files right from Safari, email, etc… No need for iTunes (except for ZIP packs at the moment, will leave that for a future update).

  2. Last post Ralph. I don’t really wanna get killed by Alex without seeing the last update.

    But, yeah. Now I get it. You guys were talking about that ” without itunes ” thing that I thought you were just kidding.

    I guess I get it now XD I can stop refreshing the itunes store for now XD I mean. I can’t sleep last night checking XD

    and Ralph. Fix the reply button for Opera Mini. I think I’ll deal with using Opera Mini for morr years to come ;-;

    Last Reply for now Ralph. Or he’ll be hunting my dreams T.T

  3. Ralph you only have 24 hours left.
    If you don’t upload and iOS didn’t release the update in 24 hours.

    I’ll jump off from this 45ft building.

    If you still care for me as your fan you would do as I said. Otherwise let your fans die waiting for iOS update. XD

    I’m really dying here T T it feels like every 6 hours you should have us updated about the ‘App-date’ T.T

    Just as me ripping Tales of the World : Twim Brave voice files just finished too T.T

    Now Ralph, Next update. Have pictures working on a Single Node line
    Like how HTML myGamePiece works

    you know. Stretchable Image in one node.
    Like a node containing an image file.

    THANKS RALPH T.T Made my night T.T

  5. Ralph.

    I think the Rounded segment has a duplicated Circle with using gradient.

    Try this on the stick creation

    Rounded segment
    Thinkness 300
    There’s a circle that holds the other part of the the rounded segment that only appears when gradient is on.

    More like the holder of the gradiented color. (?)

    Why am I using a 300 think node?
    I’m making Emil Castagnier mugshot so ignore about that part XD

    So Ralph uses a Circle Segment in Rounded segment node. Hmhm…
    Possible filling on the future update O.o
    But maybe, Image on a node is better than filling.

    I mean. You can make your own design in a Node without actually using up all 256 node.

    But yeah. Just another small bug report. You’re not logging in FB T.T

    • I know what you’re saying, I made an image since it will explain it better.

      Also lol, I’m not ignoring you on FB, I haven’t logged in for a while (waiting to get Android 1.7.9 out so I can make the 1.7.9 post). Sorry about that. At least you’re here now so you can still interact we me/others.

      stick nodes gradients


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