New Version (1.7.9) – Android and iOS!

Edit November 20th – Just a quick unrelated note, sorry about the frequent “500” error pages you may be seeing. The Stick Nodes website is coming under heavy traffic recently and at peak hours it seems to not handle it well. Just refresh the page once or twice and you should get past the error.

What!? Both Android and iOS receive an update at the same time!?

To be honest, iOS actually had this update go live yesterday, Android got it today. For once iOS was the first one to get an update, even though this was their 1.7.6 update that Android got over a week ago…

So what’s in version 1.7.9 of Stick Nodes?

Stick Nodes 1.7.9

Well, it’s different depending on if you’re using an Android or an iOS device.

For iOS users – you no longer need to use iTunes to get stickfigures. After downloading 1.7.9, your device will recognize NODES, STKNDS, and STK files and associate them with Stick Nodes.

This means if you go to the stickfigures page or even Droidz, you’ll be able to download and tap “Open in Stick Nodes” on any stickfigure file you come across. Stick Nodes will then open up with that stickfigure imported and ready to go.

For Android users, it’s a little different. You will continue to download stickfigures just like normal, but you don’t need to move them anymore. Upon clicking “Open” or “Import” while inside Stick Nodes, the app will quickly scan your /download/ folder and grab any NODES, STKNDS, STK, or MP3 (<256kb) file it finds and move them automatically for you.

Basically, after downloading any file, they will show up in the import list without having to do anything else.

There, and that’s that. Enjoy 1.7.9!

Nobody better ask me “how do I get stickfigure” ever again, EVER.


  1. Ralph I posted a bug report on the FB page.
    A mix of Join stick figure and tweening Bug.


    I suggest why not frame interval.
    I mean, for example.
    I want a scene where the dialogues take place.
    I want that frame or two to repeat itself on certain time for the readers to read the text field.
    Other than adding a bunch of frames just for a dialogue. It somehow eats a lot of frame for a dialogue tho.

    Like I want Rucas to say something long that it needs 5 seconds of the reader’s attention to read and while having his jacket moving instead of static.
    Instead of me adding 20 frames ( 40 tweened ) for a long sentence
    Why not add an option to repeat certain frames to 5 seconds and go to next frame after that repeating.

    Or maybe just looping certain frames for example frame 15 to 18 and after it reach 18 it acts as if like it reached the end of animation and start at 15 for certain times.

    Or just able to set FPS on certain frames without affecting all. XD


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