New Version (1.8.0 – 1.8.1) (1.8.2 on January 21st)

Edit January 21st: My bad. I had to release 1.8.2 last night to fix some bad bugs.

A bug was discovered that broke sounds on exported MP4s, this was introduced in 1.8.1 but is now fixed in 1.8.2 which is currently live on both Android and iOS right now! This version also fixes a second bug where multiple joins were broken only in exported animations but appeared fine in the app itself.

Below is the post for the 1.8.0 – 1.8.1 release.

So it’s been a while since the last update, took a break during the holidays and whatnot. But we’re back!

What’s new in 1.8.0 and 1.8.1

  • (Android) Fixed bug that would crash long MP4 exports.
  • Fixed bug that would unsync sounds when using non-tweened frames.
  • Fixed bug that would tween a joined stickfigure incorrectly.
  • REMOVED the “Filled Circle” segment type. Instead, use the regular “Circle” type with a gradient selected.
  • ADDED new feature, “Keep stickfigure during tween” under “Stickfigure Tools”. Check this box on a stickfigure to prevent it from flickering/deleting itself during tweening.
  • (Pro only) Added some new sounds.

Stick NodesOutside of the fixes, you’ll notice two big changes. The first change is new checkbox under “Stickfigure Tools” which will allow you to now mark a stickfigure to persist through tweening when it would otherwise flicker, here’s an example of that. This is useful for using replacement-type stickfigures, like auras as shown in the example.

The second big change is the removal of “Filled Circle” as a segment type. You might remember that as the circle with the white fill color. This has been merged into just “Circle” now.

The “Circle” segment will behave just like it did before. But now if you set a gradient color (and check the gradient checkbox), the inside of the circle will color itself differently from the outline. This will look identical to the “Filled Circle”, except now you’re not limited to only white as the inside color.

As for why this is coming out in two updates, it’s because I accidentally introduced a new bug in 1.8.0 that I was able to find right away, but as a result I had to push out a new update immediately, thus 1.8.1 was born.

Version 1.8.1 is already processing on the App Store, so it will be released for iOS users any day now.

Version 1.8.1 is now live on the App Store for iOS users as of January 19th.

This will probably be the last minor update before the big changes I have in store for the next update…


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hell yeah


The Keep stickfigure on tween is gonna help a hella lot. You dont know how many times i’ve accidentally deleted a stickfigure, repasted it and scrapped the anim because of flickering.


What’s the next implementation for the next update? Sorry, I’m eager and impatient today. Reason: Burning off depression and happiness.

See? Sorry Ralph. 🙁


Thanks for this updates, but it is still a problem. When you import a sound, then if you try to import it again it will not sound. I am in IOS

AxZelJibanyan Anims

@Cristian ( I pressed the reply button and it work, I dunno if it was done sending, so forgive me if a reply didn’t happen T.T )

Anyway. You can just restart the app and it will work again. or click NEW tab and OPEN tab instead of opening a new animation first.

That way it will unload the mp3 file.

the problem is when it was loaded and reloaded on the project it will be confused and not read it again, deleting the mp3 on the project or restarting the app or going to new tab first and then Open tab will fix it . Because it will unload the mp3 file and load it again.

It was a minor anyway I can live with that :3 iOS version too

AxZelJibanyan Anims

I have my own fix on flickering tho.
And no one actually realized that on my Animations.

I used to copy another figure of that figure that flickers to the frame where it do flickers.

for example. Rucas flickers on frame 13, I will copy Rucas’s stickfigure on frame 13 and it do flickers but it will automatically overlay the flick, and on the 14th frame, it will delete the temporary fix on the flicker and the original stick figure will return.

That, or just recopy the whole stick figure on all 10 frames. ( or also do a nontween effect )

About the Aura option, I haven’t tried yet (iOS) but I feel the Aura would look delay or slowmotion. I’m planing to do some slash effects but it will look slowmotion due to me having fast pace ( I usually do some slash effects on Flash and Animanatee )

Also, Ralph, I really don’t wanna say this suggestion because it will ruin my secret.
But how about the option of having certain stickfigures do tweening and some don’t?

I mean, having a certain stick figure do tween and some don’t. :<


Wot the hell
This updated didnt added anything


Hey Ralph, you may remember me from the temporary bug report page.
Sorry to make your life difficult, but while it says that the export glitch has been fixed, for some reason…
It still don’t work.
I dunno whether the universe hates me or something, but could you please give me an alternative? The old method still is glitchy, and if it gets exported to a gif and back into an MP4, it will lose all sounds.

pls help


btw sorry I was being ambiguous. Are there any other alternative ways. Just because ‘give me an alternative’ sounds like I want an update.

Malone Animations

is opacity coming out in version 8.9.73

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