New Version (1.8.0 – 1.8.1) (1.8.2 on January 21st)

Edit January 21st: My bad. I had to release 1.8.2 last night to fix some bad bugs.

A bug was discovered that broke sounds on exported MP4s, this was introduced in 1.8.1 but is now fixed in 1.8.2 which is currently live on both Android and iOS right now! This version also fixes a second bug where multiple joins were broken only in exported animations but appeared fine in the app itself.

Below is the post for the 1.8.0 – 1.8.1 release.

So it’s been a while since the last update, took a break during the holidays and whatnot. But we’re back!

What’s new in 1.8.0 and 1.8.1

  • (Android) Fixed bug that would crash long MP4 exports.
  • Fixed bug that would unsync sounds when using non-tweened frames.
  • Fixed bug that would tween a joined stickfigure incorrectly.
  • REMOVED the “Filled Circle” segment type. Instead, use the regular “Circle” type with a gradient selected.
  • ADDED new feature, “Keep stickfigure during tween” under “Stickfigure Tools”. Check this box on a stickfigure to prevent it from flickering/deleting itself during tweening.
  • (Pro only) Added some new sounds.

Stick NodesOutside of the fixes, you’ll notice two big changes. The first change is new checkbox under “Stickfigure Tools” which will allow you to now mark a stickfigure to persist through tweening when it would otherwise flicker, here’s an example of that. This is useful for using replacement-type stickfigures, like auras as shown in the example.

The second big change is the removal of “Filled Circle” as a segment type. You might remember that as the circle with the white fill color. This has been merged into just “Circle” now.

The “Circle” segment will behave just like it did before. But now if you set a gradient color (and check the gradient checkbox), the inside of the circle will color itself differently from the outline. This will look identical to the “Filled Circle”, except now you’re not limited to only white as the inside color.

As for why this is coming out in two updates, it’s because I accidentally introduced a new bug in 1.8.0 that I was able to find right away, but as a result I had to push out a new update immediately, thus 1.8.1 was born.

Version 1.8.1 is already processing on the App Store, so it will be released for iOS users any day now.

Version 1.8.1 is now live on the App Store for iOS users as of January 19th.

This will probably be the last minor update before the big changes I have in store for the next update…



  1. I was working on a two hour project about to click save and it crashed I’m not buying it if it’s going to crash when I spend two hours of my life on an app and the app crashes and I was on my work either help me or I’m deleting It and telling my 200 followers don’t get it and if you have it don’t pay for it OK help me

  2. If it is to update the stick nodes this is my opinion if it is for on the stick put pictures on the stick or stick figure any kind I am giving an opinion

  3. If possible, add the segment tool that allows specific parts on characters/items to be adjusted outside of the stick creation screen. By adjusted I mean moving individual segments closer and further back in the scene. If this is an option then disregard, I just need to search harder.

  4. When can you add skew to SN? It would be a nice feature. It would allow us to manipulate weapons and make them look like they’re 3D.


    Juniver Twisted

  5. When can you add Skew to stick nodes? (Manipulate weapons/ sticks to make it look like they’re 3D, say looking at a sword from a diagonal angle)


    Juniver Twisted

  6. Wait.. You should make an object Making it 3D and putting depth to the figures just like in those cartoons , like Jimmy Neutron, Maybe you can’t control the depth and dimensions just like those bulgy characters.

  7. Ralph,
    In the next update, can you please add the ability to chance the opacity/transparency of stickfigures? It is very difficult to create dust effects, fading beams, etc without it. If there is a way to change the opacity, can you please tell me how? Thanks.


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